Your tax deductible donation to QL2 directly helps young people


We rely on your philanthopic donations to do our work with young people.

Every year we receive donations from individuals and companies, from $5000 a year from some, down to a few cents on top of a ticket price. Every one makes a difference. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

QL2 Dance is a non-profit organisation, developing the next generation of dancers and dance-makers for over 10 years. Donations and sponsorship make up around 10% of our income.

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Audition! Ages 8+ ”Not like the others“ performance project

An awesome opportunity for young dancers (8–17) to work with great choreographers, contribute ideas and perform in a new show!

Every year we run a creation and performance project for younger and less experienced dancers. This year’s is called Not Like The Others. It allows dancers to collaborate with choreographers and fellow dancers, develop creative and dance skills, and build confidence in a challenging yet fun environment. For many, it is a preparation for our Quantum Leap ensemble in later years. And plenty of older dancers are involved: challenging themselves, and inspiring younger ones.

Not Like The Others will be about difference: how similar are we really, and how much does it matter? You will help create a full-length dance work over six weeks with lots of other young dancers. It will be developed at QL2 Dance’s studios at Gorman Arts Centre, and performed at Theatre 3 in Acton.

You will work with three great choreographers, all previously participants at QL2 Dance.

Alison Plevey will be Artistic Director of the project — she is Acting Artistic Director of QL2 Dance in September and October while Ruth Osborne is away on a Churchill Fellowship study tour. Alison is a teacher, dance and physical theatre artist, creator and improviser. She is the co-director of physical theatre company, Lingua Franca; and is Party Leader of Canberra’s newest dance company, Australian Dance Party.

Stephen Gow is a teacher and dancer in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Breakdancing. He is also a member of street performing crew Beat the Streets, and toured with Cypher, a bboy theatre show created by Nick Power.

Jack Riley is a recent VCA graduate and former elite Judo competitor. He recently worked for Tasdance on their new work Fragile Matter, and with the Australian Opera in King Roger. He has received a Curated Residency at QL2 Dance (Canberra) presenting his own work Contact.

The performances

Theatre 3, Acton. Suitable for families, primary & secondary students
7pm Friday 13 October, and 3pm & 6pm Saturday 14 October.
Possible extra school matinee on Friday.
Please note that no video or photography is allowed during the performances.

How to get into Not Like The Others

Register online at In the free audition workshop, we will lead you through a dance class and some fun tasks and creative games. You don’t have to prepare — but it will definitely help if you are doing some dance classes before you start. We want lots of different kinds of dancers to have a go.

The schedule         

You will be creating the work with the choreographers, so you can’t miss anything!

Register by Thursday 3 August Please note that no applications will be accepted on the day of the audition!
Audition Sunday 13 August
Sundays 3, 10, 17 September 12:30–4:30pm
School holidays: Intensive workshops

Tues 26– Sat 30 September

(Day off: Sunday 1 Oct)

9–2:30pm (Juniors)
9 – 3pm (Seniors & Intermediates)

Mon 2– Fri 6 October


9–2:30pm (Juniors)
9 – 3pm (Intermediates)
11am – 5pm (Seniors)
Sat 7 October 9–3 (all)
Production & performance Wed 11 – Sat 14 Oct Times TBA. You will need to take some time off school.

Classes are essential!

You need to attend regular dance classes, with us or elsewhere. You can enrol in our stand-alone classes: Junior Licence to Move (boys 8-12 years). We also have a Junior Program A (mixed 8-12 years) with two classes a week: Classical and Contemporary and Junior Program B (boys 8-12 years) with two classes a week: Licence to Move and Contemporary. For slightly older dancers, there is the Intermediate Program (11-16 years) with three or four classes a week; or the InterPlus Program (13-16 years) with four or five classes.

If you are already doing solid technique classes elsewhere, ask (in writing) for an exemption.


The project is heavily subsidised. The total project cost to you is $360 including project t-shirt. You can buy an optional QL2 hoodie too.

We are a non-profit organization, and keep costs low. We offer bursaries to financially assist you if the cost prevents you being in a project. To make an appointment to discuss this, please phone Ruth Osborne on 0418 943 857.

The panel will make decisions about who will join shortly after the workshop.  We will email results of the audition. No results will be given by phone.


(Questions marked with a * must have an answer.)

Basic information about the dancer

Help Text

About the dancer’s guardians’s (parents or other) if the dancer is under 18

Photo. We need a clear head or head-and-shoulders photo so we can identify you in the audition. This is not a glamour competition, and how you look in the photo is not part of the selection process.   If you don't have one right now, leave this blank and email it seperately.  But we must have it before the audition!

Help Text
Help Text

All done?  Make sure you've selected your photo to upload, if you've got one. When you hit 'submit', wait until you get the success message.  That might take a while, because it has to upload the photo now. If it hasn't worked, just delete it and email it separately.  And if you don't get a success message, or don't get an email from us, please contact us!

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Primary teachers: Term 3 MAKE A MOVE professional development

The next round of our fantastic MAKE A MOVE program for primary school teachers is on in Term 3 2017.   
MAKE A MOVE  professional development will help you deliver the dance curriculum — even if you don’t dance! 

Program details and booking info here.
Book now by emailing Make A Move Program Manager – Alison Plevey or contact 0400 387 643.
MAKE A MOVE helps primary teachers to deliver dance outcomes aligning with the Australian Curriculum: the Arts It is a program of integrated learning activities that expose teachers, schools and students to dance as education, much more than the 5,6,7 8 steps! Includes shoulder to shoulder programs and seminars.
10 week or 5 week program; seminars only; or Bespoke workshops — designed just for you by leading dance education professionals.
Program details and booking info here.

They boldly went — legacies, experiences and careers

Ed: QL2 Dance supported Liz Lea in developing and producing the BOLD Festival, including a Curated Residency providing studio space and time, and the QL2 Theatre as a public venue.

BOLD Festival is a new event in Canberra, designed to celebrate the legacy and impact of professional and community dance in all cultures. It is a platform for the work of older and still-practicing artists as a way to explore healthy ageing, the health impacts of creativity and the cross-generational exchange of ideas and practice.

Across four days, BOLD 2017 brought together dance artists from a wide range of areas, cultures and countries, and through talks, performances, films and revivals of historic works, we explore their legacies, experiences and careers evolving with age.

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Thinking, making, sharing: Australian Dance Party at work

Ed: Australian Dance Party (ADP), brainchild of Alison Plevey, is Company in Residence at QL2 Dance. QL2 supports ADP with space, resources, advice and mentorship; and ADP engages with young people in our programs in mumerous ways.

The Party has been out and about, here and there, dancing up concoctions of all kinds these past few months, in what has been a huge festival season for Canberra. Though a little exhausted, both physically and creatively, I am continually motivated and energised by the opportunity to bring my ideas, thoughts and concerns to the fore through the dancing body – its honesty, playfulness and vulnerability. In this tough funding climate I am encouraged and driven to think, to make and share with our Canberra community. Continue reading

Residencies: Space & support for your dance project

QL2 Dance offers Curated Residencies both to young people within our target age range (up to 26), and older artists. Curated Residencies provide space in our theatre or studio without charge, and may also include other support. There is no cash component paid to Residents. 

All Curated Residency applications are assessed by the Artistic Director in response to project proposals. Applications for very small amounts of access from alumni and previous Residents may be processed as Space Grants with a faster turnaround. We strongly encourage applicants to discuss their project with the Artistic Director before making a formal application. Continue reading

Power to the body in ”Contact“ by ex-Leaper Jack Riley

Ed: Jack Riley has received a Curated Residency from QL2 Dance to support presentation of “Contact”.
Our bodies yearn for understanding and community. We live in a world powered by our personalized objects and technology. How can we return the power back to the body and find human connection? We invite you to view our investigation into athletic serpentine movement and our relationship to objects”
“Three dancers and an unknown figure are driven towards the dark
forces that lie within ourselves. Robert Downie’s live score is a futurist dreamscape through which the dancers entwine. Andrew Treloar clothes them with an edge of fashion. Serpentine, relentless, encountering objects. Remove the mask. ”

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