The QL2 Board

QL2 Dance Inc is a non-profit Association, Incorporated in the ACT; and has worked under different names and missions since 1980: as a contemporary dance company, as a choreographic centre, and now as QL2 Dance — a centre of excellence for young and emerging artists.

Our Board delivers strong governance through balanced expertise, informed by professional dance experience.

(Current at May 2017)

Richard Refshauge, Chair & Public Officer

(Elected 2002) BA, LLb, Judge of the ACT Supreme Court; previously ACT Director of Public Prosecutions ; actively involved in the arts for over 40 years. 11 years as Member and Chair of ACT Cultural Council. Adjunct Professor of Law at ANU; and University of Canberra. 

“Having been actively involved in the arts since the age of about 10, I have come firmly to the opinion that to participate in the arts at any level is part of the essence of what it is to be human.  It is, thus, an essential part of our community.  It contributes to insight, empathy, ethical development and a challenge to complacency.  This drives my continuing Involvement.

I have been particularly proud to have been associated with QL2 Dance because of the way it nurtures and respects the creativity that is inherent in each of the participants in its programs.  This has led some to pursue careers in dance, sometimes to great acclaim, but for all to be enriched by the experience and to gain self-esteem and self-confidence from their involvement. It has been a particular honour to work with Ruth Osborne.  Her passion for, experience of and insight into contemporary dance and the part that youth dance practice as she values it contributes to dance practice and development is extraordinarily impressive and, fortunately, widely recognised.”

Barbara Hambley, Treasurer

(Elected 2001) B.Commerce (Hons) CA.  20 years experience as a Chartered Accountant. Partner at Hardwickes Chartered Accountants.

“I bring to QL2 Dance my expertise and experience as a Chartered Accountant, which involves auditing, taxation, accounting and financial reporting. As Treasurer, my skills assist board and staff members in dealing with the annual audit and financial reporting process, reviewing the quarterly management accounts presented at board meetings and matters which may involve taxation advice.

I believe QL2 provides a holistic experience for young adults whose dance experience may range from a beginners level to the graduate levels. The range of programs offered at QL2 allow a young inexperienced dancer to develop their dance and personal skills in a safe environment and to progress into the intermediate and experienced dance level of programs and ultimately to a returning dance university graduate. QL2 is contributing to the development of young adults who will contribute to society in the future either through their dance skills or their personal skills that they have developed through participating in QL2’s programs.”

Jane Pamenter

(Elected 1996) BA; Grad. Dip Ed; Dip. Arts (Dance); Associate, RAD. Assistant Dean of Studies, Marist College Canberra. Private studio and secondary dance teacher, secondary course writer, small group moderator, Dance Panel Chair; board member Ausdance ACT, Vis a Vis Dance Canberra, Australian Choreographic Centre.

“As a dance and secondary educator for many years I am dedicated to every opportunity that sees dance and other art forms used as vehicles by young people to develop as human beings, creative and enriching contributors to the arts and society at large and as Australians with spirit, energy, colour and rigour. Having had the privilege as a board member to help nurture and observe the growth of QL2 as well as its staff, choreographers and participants since conception I now envisage enormous possibilities as the organisation matures as fertile ground for youth dance leadership at a national and hopefully international level.”

Michelle Norris

(Elected 2009) BA (Dance) QUT (withdrew on injury). BA International Relations (Mandarin) ANU. Six month Beijing residency in the World Link Education TESL Program, 2008. Diploma of Management 2014. Team Leader with Department of Defence.

“As a long term Quantum Leap participant and a local performer, I bring to the QL2 board the perspective of young people who have been  involved in the programs. I also bring a considerable network with our QL2 alumni. I serve on the board in order to give back to an organisation which helped shape my development as a young dancer and person. These first hand experiences mean I am well placed to explain the benefits of QL2’s programs and what they can offer young people regardless of whether they will be pursuing a dance career. I see QL2 continuing to expand its programs to inspire the collaborative youth dance model across Australia and the world, creating better prepared, thinking dancers for tertiary studies and the profession, and creating passionate educated dance audiences. Dance is and will continue to be the rawest and most powerful expression of self and community and is an important part of Australia’s cultural expression, and a medium of reflection, comment, influence and change.”

Harriet Pike

(Elected 2014) Harriet is an experienced television producer and the Head of Production and Development at WildBear Entertainment; BBus from Griffith University and a MLA(VCR) from the Australian National University. Recipient of 2013 Natalie Miller Fellowship awarded for excellence in working in the screen industry.

Harriet is a producer and the Head of Production and Development at WildBear Entertainment, which she joined in 2011 after five years at Ronin Films. In her role as producer, recent projects include Building Australia (2013, History Channel), The Boffin, the Builder and the Bombardier (2013, ABC) and the theatrical documentary When the Queen Came to Town (2014, Umbrella Entertainment).  In 2013 Harriet was awarded the prestigious Natalie Miller Fellowship, which enabled her to attend the University of Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme.

“I am passionate about the arts and given my background in both film/television and small business I am interested in the fusion of both business and arts in building successful and sustainable creative organisations. During my time at QL2 I hope to be able to share my experience gained through being 2013 recipient for the Natalie Miller Fellowship by encouraging more young women into leadership positions within the arts. My vision for the arts generally is to see an increase in broad social and political awareness of the importance of the arts for contributing to a better society for all.”

Emily Kerr

(Elected 2013) LLB (Hons), National Diploma in Dance Performance (NZSD, Contemporary Dance major). Lawyer at the Australian Government Solicitor, past research manager for a nationwide industry lobby group and policy development coordinator. Former freelance contemporary dance artist and teacher based in NZ, Melbourne and Canberra.

“I am committed to securing the future of Australian contemporary dance, and this forms my vision and mission on the QL2 board. My vision is inspired by the QL2 model of developing emerging artists and equipping them with the professional skills they need to lead the next generation of Australian dance makers. My mission is informed by a deep understanding of the Australian contemporary dance sector gained through previous work as an independent dance artist. I holds tertiary qualifications in both contemporary dance (NZSD National Diploma) and law (ANU LLB(Hons). I bring to the QL2 board my skills as a lawyer along with further skills in risk-management, policy development, advocacy and not-for-profit governance.”

Dean Cross

(Elected 2017) Dean was born and raised on Ngunnawal country, however his ancestral roots lie within the Worimi Nation. He has performed nationally and internationally with companies such as Lucy Guerin Inc., Legs on the Wall, Motionhouse (UK), Tasdance, Shaun Parker and Company, Theatre of Image, Strings Attached, Buzz Dance Theatre, Opera Australia and Torque Show; and is now a multimedia artist.

“I work across the sculptural and pictorial fields; attempting to re-evaluate and re-construct what it means to be a 21st Century Australian, and how that fits within our globalised world.”


Dance Education advisor Kylie Hunter

Studied dance at the Bryan Lawrence School of Ballet and then Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. Assistant and co-director to Janet Karin at National Capital Dancers. Head Dance Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport Gymnastics Program 1989-1992. Artistic Director of the National Capital Ballet School from 1996-2011.

“I have been teaching dance here in Canberra for over twenty-five years and was the Owner/Director of my own studio for fifteen. Having trained a wide variety of students from recreational participants to vocational aspirants, I have an understanding of the needs of the participants involved in QL2 programs. Over the years, many of my own students have benefited from their involvement with QL2 and as such I will be a strong advocate for the organisation. Through my involvement on the Board, and now as an advisor, I hope to strengthen QL2’s relationship with local studios, to inform studio owners of the benefits of QL2 programs for their students and to encourage the ongoing participation by locally trained dancers in QL2 programs at all levels.”