QL2 alumni building the dream at uni 

Well it’s that time of year, so we are giving huge congratulations to QL2 dancers who have been accepted into university performing arts courses — after highly competitive auditions and interviews.

Alison Tong, Caspar Ilschner, Maddy Bowman and Milly Vanzwol have all been accepted in to Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA, University of Melbourne). Mia Tuco has been accepted into the theatre degree at VCA. Caspar has also been accepted into New Zealand School of Dance and faces a tough choice!

(Photos: Lorna Sim)

They will join other QL2 alumni studying or just graduating at tertiary courses:

At VCA Dance, Gabe Sinclair and Jason Pearce have just finished first year;  Nasim Patel has just completed his second year; and Oonagh Slater and Luke Fryer graduate this year.

At the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA Edith Cowan University), Alex Abbot has just completed second year, and Ryan Stone graduates from third year this year, and is going on to WAAPA’s graduate program LINK in 2018.

At AC Arts (Adelaide College of the Arts – TAFE SA), Alana Stenning graduates this year.

At the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA Swinburne University of Technology), Amanda Lee has just finished her Bachelor of Circus Arts (?) after transferring from dance at VCA.

At the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Madeleine Towler Lovell has just finished third year of a double major in Dance and Sociology/Anthropology.

QL2 Artistic Director Ruth Osborne says:

“everyone at QL2 is very pleased that our programs not only support creativity at a young age, but also help these young artists get into uni, succesfully graduate, and go on to have exciting creative careers in the arts — or elsewhere.  Its great to see recent graduates — like Eliza Sanders and Jack Riley — joining all our previous alumni in coming back to Canberra regularly to create and perform. A great success story for Canberra, and for dance.”

You can read about some more of our alumni here.

“On Course” 2016: choreographic project for tertiary dance students

APPLY: Online form hereOn Course 2016 is a mentored choreographers’ project for tertiary students. It is an opportunity to choreograph, develop and present a short work, with two public performances.  A panel will select the participating choreographers from the applications received. QL2 Dance will support you by timetabling choreographers, dancers, time and space; mentoring; publicity; administrative support; rehearsal space and performance venue.  On Course is for students at university or university-level courses (including NAISDA, NICA, and equivalent courses overseas). You can be in any year.

If you don’t want to choreograph, but want to dance in someone else’s work, please also put in an application.

You can read reviews of On Course 2015 here and here. And below are some photos by Lorna Sim.

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Youngest to oldest: Nasim’s QL2 journey

ED: Nasim Patel started with QL2 in 2011, and is now studying dance at VCA.

What QL2 has given me is more than dance training. QL2 taught me how to create, analyse, and how to free myself from critical thinking.

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I started with QL2 in 2011, in the junior project It’s All Good. I remember my first License to Move class, doubting myself every second beforehand but upon entering immediately felt at home. As soon as I left the studio, I told my auntie “I have to come back here.” I was hungry for a sense of what the company was giving me. More than just how to jump or roll or bend my legs in perfect alignment, it was a sense of working with others collaboratively and without restriction. The class was surrounded by boys I easily recognised as alternate versions of me, with varying degrees of experience. While working on It’s All Good, I realised how all the skills we were learning outside of class had assisted us, and the focus on creativity was clearly needed as soon as we were asked to create material within the project. Continue reading

Escaped from uni to show you what they’ve been doing: “On Course”

On COurse 2014 flier stamper#2 1 1200And all of a sudden it’s December — and so young dance creators from around Australia and New Zealand have escaped from university to come to Canberra and show you what they are up to. Our “On Course” program gives them a great opportunity to work with their peers from round Australia. They have been exchanging notes about their courses, but more importantly  getting inspiration, building connections, and developing their work outside the constraints of course requirements. Continue reading

Choreographers invitation “On Course 2014”: development & performance opportunity

[Update 23 October. Well, its past the application deadline, but if you are keen, contact us now! ]

On Course is a choreographers’ project for tertiary students. You get a mentored opportunity to choreograph, develop and present a short work, with two public performances.  A panel will select the participating choreographers from the applications received. QL2 Dance will support you with mentoring; publicity; administrative support; rehearsal space and performance venue; and by timetabling choreographers, dancers, time and space.

On Course is for students at University or university-level courses (including equivalent courses overseas, and NAISDA). You can be in any year. Continue reading