“Site Effects” at Art not Apart

Natsuko. Photo: Lorna Sim

Natsuko. Photo: Lorna Sim

EDITOR: Natsuko was part of Site Effects performed at Art Not Apart in Canberra, 14 March 2015. Directed by Alison Plevey and Ruth Osborne, with Quantum Leap dancers Nasim Patel, Walter Wolffs, Millie Vanzwol, Ursula Taylor, Natsuko Yonezawa, Audrey Sharwood, Jack Clements, Caspar Ilschner, Jason Pearce, Ruby Ballantyne, Gabriel Sinclair, Caroline De Wan, Amy Campbell and Eve Buckmaster.

“Being part of the art festival Art Not Apart was a new, fun and challenging experience. All the dancers and the artistic choreographer Alison Plevey spent time preparing for this event and worked very hard to give our best performance. Alison gave us a sheet of paper with all the locations and scores (examples of movement, responding to the environment, shapes) to put into our improvisation.

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Audition registration — “Reckless Valour 2015”

Reckless Valour jpegs from old DVD artwork_a00EDIT: Audition is over — but if you missed the audition you might be able to audition through classes. Contact us!

Reckless Valour is our biggest project of 2015! A new group of Quantum Leapers will join existing members. You will be working with choreographers Jodie Farrugia, Fiona Malone, Rowan Marchingo, Natalie Cursio and James Batchelor. Continue reading

Almost there! Boundless opens Wednesday

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The dancers have been at the theatre since Sunday morning, getting the three pieces into shape for the Canberra Playhouse under the guidance of Artistic Director Ruth Osborne and her assistant Alison Plevey.  So much bigger than working in the studio at Gorman House! Just about ready for costumes after the long haul of plotting lights and video with Guy Harding. Continue reading

Cyclic life, banana DNA, and dance without symbols: “Boundless” 30 July – 2 August


Getting it ‘just so’ in the studio. Costumes still to come!

Dancers and choreographers have been working hard — some since January —  to develop Boundless.  Have you got your tickets?  Book now at Canberra Ticketing. The three works in Boundless have been created in collaboration with this year’s Quantum Leap ensemble, including dancers who featured in last year’s critically acclaimed performances of Hit the floor Together. 

Eight of this year’s dancers have just returned from a tour to Bangkok — where they performed one of the pieces, Cinders, to two packed houses at Chulalonkon University — and then the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow.Four dancers have come on exchange from Bangkok Dance, completing a fantastic exchange supported by the Australia Thailand Institute.

"Cinders" on stage in Bangkok

“Cinders” on stage in Bangkok

Another of the pieces, Samsara, features a group of over-55 dancers from Canberra Dance Theatre’s Gold ensemble, bringing a mature voice to a piece reflecting on the cycle of life.

And Danielle Micich’s The bigger picture features a banana. Because we share 50% of our DNA with a banana!

Quantum Leap is QL2 Dance’s auditioned, selective youth dance ensemble, for dancers aged 15-26, making passionate contemporary dance for all audiences. They work together to create sophisticated productions that wrestle with big ideas. And you can see them at Canberra Playhouse! Continue reading

What a World Tour means to Luke, and how you can double your donation!

I never planned to take a gap year, it just happened, and I am very grateful it did. After receiving ATAR scores and despite university offers late last year, it was a combination of injury, lack of experience and the invitation to attend this world tour to the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow that made the decision for me.

So far, this has been no ordinary gap year — if there is such thing as a typical gap year. One by one each hurdle of mine has been slowly being overcome. A hernia I developed that prevented me from doing auditions was mended before the New Year. I also recently turned 18 and have begun to experience small responsibilities of adult life and independence, like working, earning money and driving a car. Continue reading

Australian Youth Dance Festival: Quantum Leap pix

The eight dancers from Quantum Leap are having a great time — and a lot of hard work — in  Renmark, South Australia at the Australian Youth Dance Festival (AYDF).  Read more about it here.

UPDATE 15 April — todays photos!

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