Hot to Trot: QL2‘s Quantum Leapers leap into choreography


Thanks everyone for coming! Two full houses.  Next up: On Course! 

QL2 Dance presents Canberra’s 2017 Quantum Leap dancers in their own short dance works.  Artistic Director Ruth Osborne says “This project is an important starting point in the development of choreographic practice and of leadership potential. They are working hard to create meaningful contemporary dance — beyond just doing moves or steps to music, and really engaging some of the processes they have been part of when they have been in projects like This Poisoned Sea. The content will be all their own.” 

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“On Course” 2016: choreographic project for tertiary dance students

APPLY: Online form hereOn Course 2016 is a mentored choreographers’ project for tertiary students. It is an opportunity to choreograph, develop and present a short work, with two public performances.  A panel will select the participating choreographers from the applications received. QL2 Dance will support you by timetabling choreographers, dancers, time and space; mentoring; publicity; administrative support; rehearsal space and performance venue.  On Course is for students at university or university-level courses (including NAISDA, NICA, and equivalent courses overseas). You can be in any year.

If you don’t want to choreograph, but want to dance in someone else’s work, please also put in an application.

You can read reviews of On Course 2015 here and here. And below are some photos by Lorna Sim.

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Restoring faith in the work: Eliza Sanders with “Pedal.Peddle”

ED: Eliza Sanders was part of many projects at QL2 before and during her studies at NZSD; and was the recipient of a Curated Residency at QL2 Dance in 2015.

“Hello world, here is my first ever blog entry. It’s long and rambly, as things by me tend to be. Although the idea of writing something people might read makes me feel sick, as usual, the things Ruth and Gary make me do tend to teach me a lot. This has been a very helpful process of reflection and self-evaluation as I try to find my feet as an independent dance creator.”

Eliza Sanders. PHOTO: Stephen A’Court.

Eliza Sanders, by Stephen A’Court.

I used the Curated Residency opportunity to produce and perform two shows of my new full-length solo work Pedal.Peddle. I created the work during the second half of 2014 while I was coming to the end of three years training at the New Zealand School of Dance. A few months before I returned to Canberra I premiered Pedal.Peddle in Wellington with the help of Battleground Productions.

For me, the purpose of this residency at QL2 was to learn about what it takes to produce and promote a show through my own production company, House of Sand, and to have the experience of remounting a work in a new space. I was also keen to bring what I had learned in my three years away back to Canberra, to share my experiences with the people who had supported me in my early training and my life before I moved.

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“On Course”. Dance, theatre, circus from Australia, New Zealand.

Book online — its only a week now until On Course: short dance, theatre and circus works from around Australia and New Zealand. Twelve choreographers started gathering here at QL2 last week, for two weeks of very intensive work.  And our studio and theatre have been abuzz, 12 hours a day, ever since.

On Course 2015 flier_a002

Rachael Wisby, Chloe Hamilton, Ryan Stone, Amanda Lee, Madeleine Lovell, Alana Stenning, Oonagh Slater, Jordan Betherton, Samuel Hall, Holly Newsmen, Luke Fryer, Anneliese Kirk and Laura McNally are tertiary students from around Australia — WAAPA (Perth), VCA (Melbourne), NICA (Melbourne), QUT(Brisbane) and AC Arts (Adelaide) — plus New Zealand School of Dance. As well as having each other dance in their works, they are joined by Chloe Lindbeck, Alex Abbot and dancers from  QL2’s Quantum Leap ensemble.

So, come and see a whole bunch of short, different works. After each performance, you can stay for a forum and ask the choreographers and dancers about their works and their future.

On Course
7pm 12 & 13 December
Performance lasts ~2 hours, with one interval
QL2 Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre
55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon
$16, $12 + 30c booking fee.
Book online —

“ALL THE THINGS” — 3 shows only, 16 & 17 October

TICKETS AT THE DOOR one hour before each show. Online & phone bookings are closed.

Last 2 shows 3pm & 6pm,  limited seats.
Theatre 3, Acton ACT.

How important are ALL THE THINGS anyway?  New contemporary dance. Young people creating amazing things with professional contemporary choreographers.
Created by choreographers Joshua Lowe, Alison Plevey and Jamie Winbank under Artistic Director Ruth Osborne with our junior ensemble (ages 8–16).

Here they are in development:

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Dean talks about not talking about creating new dance

Canberra-based but peripatetic dance artist Dean Cross takes up two Curated Residencies at QL2 Dance this month. In the first, he is working on the very first  research and development phase for a new contemporary dance work choreographed and performed by himslef, and local dancer Jack Riley.

“Conceptually the work will be looking at our similarities and differences as people who are separated by ten years, whilst finding both in a shared and non-shared physical language.”

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