2020 Dance Training Programs: excellence in dance for young people

Want to enrol? –  Call us on 02 6247 3103 or email admin@ql2.org.au.

We have Training Programs with regular classes for junior (8+) through to pre-professional dancers. They prepare you for other programs at QL2, and for tertiary level courses. Prices, paid per term for the whole program, start at $15 per class, with big discounts as you do more making it less than $7.50 per hour for the highest program. Each program has a set schedule, from one to six classes per week. Program details, frequently asked questions and information about our teachers below.

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“On Course” 2016: choreographic project for tertiary dance students

APPLY: Online form hereOn Course 2016 is a mentored choreographers’ project for tertiary students. It is an opportunity to choreograph, develop and present a short work, with two public performances.  A panel will select the participating choreographers from the applications received. QL2 Dance will support you by timetabling choreographers, dancers, time and space; mentoring; publicity; administrative support; rehearsal space and performance venue.  On Course is for students at university or university-level courses (including NAISDA, NICA, and equivalent courses overseas). You can be in any year.

If you don’t want to choreograph, but want to dance in someone else’s work, please also put in an application.

You can read reviews of On Course 2015 here and here. And below are some photos by Lorna Sim.

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What moves the “Connected” cast — and why you should see it.

add-as-button-200pxConnected was on at Canberra Playhouse, Wednesday 27–Saturday 30 July.

Wondering why the project is important, even if you can’t get to see it?  Let’s hear what some of the dancers have to say. Or you can find out more about the show here.

Shantelle 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_21Shantelle Wise-McCourt

When I was very young, I was the most uncoordinated child ever! My parents enrolled me in a local ballet school, hoping it would help with my coordination. To this day it has done nothing for my coordination. However, in exploring different styles of dance I have found something I am incredibly passionate about. At QL2 the talent is outstanding, the creativity within the youth ensemble is unbelievable. It feels wonderful to be able to create work and collaborate with such passionate people. It’s an experience that I have never seen anywhere else. We aren’t taught steps at QL2, we are taught to be confident in what we make and we are continuously given opportunity to excel.

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Making their hearts sing: Ela & Jarrah at QL2

Why does Judy Knowles drive 100km each way to bring two children to QL2?

“I think most parents want nothing more than for their children to find happiness and fulfilment in life — to find what makes their heart sing.”

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“I have four children who all happen to have a deep connection to dance. It is a passion they all share and although within dance they have different interests, it is their primary creative outlet.

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Almost there! Boundless opens Wednesday

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The dancers have been at the theatre since Sunday morning, getting the three pieces into shape for the Canberra Playhouse under the guidance of Artistic Director Ruth Osborne and her assistant Alison Plevey.  So much bigger than working in the studio at Gorman House! Just about ready for costumes after the long haul of plotting lights and video with Guy Harding. Continue reading

Australian Youth Dance Festival: Quantum Leap pix

The eight dancers from Quantum Leap are having a great time — and a lot of hard work — in  Renmark, South Australia at the Australian Youth Dance Festival (AYDF).  Read more about it here.

UPDATE 15 April — todays photos!

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How does an independent artist maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Independent artists lead extraordinary lives. One day they might be in schools running an education project, the next day they’re literally running around the Australian Institute of Sport rehearsing a new work. Alison Plevey caught her breath for a few moments after rehearsal and explained to Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank, how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch I like a ham, cheese and salad wrap/sandwich. I like to have snacks throughout the day. I might have a biscuit, or small piece of cake as treat. For dinner I love a good homemade pizza with heaps of vegetables. Other favourite meals include a Lamb, Olive and Fetta salad or pasta with lots of vegetables and with chorizo sausage. Continue reading