Cyclic life, banana DNA, and dance without symbols: “Boundless” 30 July – 2 August


Getting it ‘just so’ in the studio. Costumes still to come!

Dancers and choreographers have been working hard — some since January —  to develop Boundless.  Have you got your tickets?  Book now at Canberra Ticketing. The three works in Boundless have been created in collaboration with this year’s Quantum Leap ensemble, including dancers who featured in last year’s critically acclaimed performances of Hit the floor Together. 

Eight of this year’s dancers have just returned from a tour to Bangkok — where they performed one of the pieces, Cinders, to two packed houses at Chulalonkon University — and then the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow.Four dancers have come on exchange from Bangkok Dance, completing a fantastic exchange supported by the Australia Thailand Institute.

"Cinders" on stage in Bangkok

“Cinders” on stage in Bangkok

Another of the pieces, Samsara, features a group of over-55 dancers from Canberra Dance Theatre’s Gold ensemble, bringing a mature voice to a piece reflecting on the cycle of life.

And Danielle Micich’s The bigger picture features a banana. Because we share 50% of our DNA with a banana!

Quantum Leap is QL2 Dance’s auditioned, selective youth dance ensemble, for dancers aged 15-26, making passionate contemporary dance for all audiences. They work together to create sophisticated productions that wrestle with big ideas. And you can see them at Canberra Playhouse! Continue reading

Overcrowded with countless kids coming and going and coming back as artists

Angela Goh spent a week at QL2 earlier this month with a Supported Grant of Space. This is what happened. 

In the QL2 studio this week,Goh3

I got drenched with litres of teenage sweat (and it’s counterpart, “lynx”),

My ears rang with the sound of teenage laughter (it seems to be somewhat louder than other types), the sound of bass lines, and the roar of Ruth’s voice,

I was overcrowded with countless kids coming and going and coming back as artists, Continue reading

How does an independent artist maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Independent artists lead extraordinary lives. One day they might be in schools running an education project, the next day they’re literally running around the Australian Institute of Sport rehearsing a new work. Alison Plevey caught her breath for a few moments after rehearsal and explained to Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank, how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch I like a ham, cheese and salad wrap/sandwich. I like to have snacks throughout the day. I might have a biscuit, or small piece of cake as treat. For dinner I love a good homemade pizza with heaps of vegetables. Other favourite meals include a Lamb, Olive and Fetta salad or pasta with lots of vegetables and with chorizo sausage. Continue reading

A busy Bangarra dancer: what does he eat?

Touring around nationally and internationally with one of Australia’s busiest and most sought after contemporary dance companies takes its toll on a dancer’s body. Luke Currie-Richardson from Bangarra Dance Theatre (and ex-QL2 dancer) spared a few moments from his busy schedule to chat with Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank about how he maintains his healthy lifestyle.

Luke Currie-Richardson, Bangarra Dance Theatre

Luke Currie-Richardson, currently with Bangarra Dance Theatre (2013)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch, I like to eat a garden salad and fruit salad – the mix of fruit and vegetables gives me the energy boost to get through the afternoon rehearsals. For dinner I tend to eat salads and fish (Atlantic Salmon is my favourite) or pasta to regain energy and protein stores lost throughout the day. Continue reading

Opening night — and first reviews

First night was great! A very appreciative audience, and the 100% commitment from every dancer really showed.

Heather Wallace was there from the HerCanberra blog, and has written a review:Screenshot of HerCanberra blog

“By the end of performance I’d forgotten I wasn’t watching a group of professional dancers. This is a sophisticated production that holds its own…” (more on HerCanberra)

And Len Power from ArtSoundFM has graciously allowed us to reproduce his review here:


QL2 Dance’s Quantum Leap ensemble opened their yearly flagship performance entitled ‘Me Right Now’ at the Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse last night – and what an electrifying performance it was!

In ‘Me Right Now’, the dancers take us into a snapshot moment of youth, displaying the emotional journey we all face at that age – the worries, the joys, doubts and fears and the highs and the lows. The three choreographers have done an excellent job with the dancers, producing a seamless evening of dance which entertains while being thought-provoking as well.

From the opening sequence, where we see the tightrope and tug-of-war that all youth experience, through to developing adult male and female identity, and finally to an enthusiastic sense of youthful idealism and optimism about the future, this production is insightful as well as a delight to watch. It made me think of my own similar journey at that time of my life and so this production speaks to everyone, regardless of age.

The commissioned choreographers – Lina Limosani, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal and Matt Cornell – have come from interstate and overseas to create this work with the dancers. It says much for the high-standing of QL2 in the world of dance that they are able to attract choreographers of this calibre to work with the company.

The dance was of a very high quality. As always, the discipline and commitment of this company was on display, but, in addition, there was an emotional edge to the performances where the dancers clearly showed their commitment to and understanding of the ideas developed by the choreographers throughout the work.

Adam Ventoura’s accompanying music was excellent and the video projections by Canberra’s Bearcage Productions were the perfect accompaniment to the dance. Costume designs by Rose Montgomery were colourful and practical.

QL2 has, once again, produced an excellent and entertaining evening of dance which should not be missed!

Len Power
ArtSound FM”

Interview with Lorna Sim, photographer

Lorna Sim is a Canberra-based photographer. She creates interesting art, marketing and documentary photos for performing artists, and especially loves working with dance. She regularly works with the Street Theatre, Photoaccess, local magazines, and QL2 Dance. We interviewed her over the Easter weekend about her history, inspiration, and experiences working on the marketing image for Me Right Now.

The first sewing bee

On Sunday April 1st the gentle hum of sewing machines and over-lockers could be heard from outside the QL2 building. We had our first of two sewing bees, where we were making denim shorts, three-quarter pants and full-length pants to be worn in some of the ‘Me Right Now’ dance pieces. The dark blue denim pants will be worn with colour-blocked tops for the show.

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