Weeks 2 & 3 in the “InFlight” development process at QL2 Studios

Liz Lea is in residence at QL2, creating and rehearsing InFlight for premiere on the 31 May.

photo-3“One of the big challenges has been working out how to present a theatrical experience at the National Library of Australia (NLA) lecture theatre that surprises and delights the audience as well as paying homage to the historical material we are working with. As the theatre is not equipped with extensive lighting and is small is terms of a regular theatre space I was concerned as to how we achieve this. The theatre is also heritage listed, so there is a limit to what we can build.

So, when you cannot make a space bigger – make it smaller. This is why I am a dance maker and not an economist…

I decided we needed to build a life size small plane in the space. Simple.

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Overcrowded with countless kids coming and going and coming back as artists

Angela Goh spent a week at QL2 earlier this month with a Supported Grant of Space. This is what happened. 

In the QL2 studio this week,Goh3

I got drenched with litres of teenage sweat (and it’s counterpart, “lynx”),

My ears rang with the sound of teenage laughter (it seems to be somewhat louder than other types), the sound of bass lines, and the roar of Ruth’s voice,

I was overcrowded with countless kids coming and going and coming back as artists, Continue reading

Not exhausted yet: Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra

Soft Landing 2012 alumni Ashlee Bye, Courtney Scheu, Hannah Wong and Kelly Beneforti continue their creative partnership with Beyond Exhaustion.

At Shucked

At Shucked Coffee House, Brisbane

After our development period at QL2 in July last year, Beyond Exhaustion has continued on to have quite a full life. Continue reading

How does an independent artist maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Independent artists lead extraordinary lives. One day they might be in schools running an education project, the next day they’re literally running around the Australian Institute of Sport rehearsing a new work. Alison Plevey caught her breath for a few moments after rehearsal and explained to Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank, how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch I like a ham, cheese and salad wrap/sandwich. I like to have snacks throughout the day. I might have a biscuit, or small piece of cake as treat. For dinner I love a good homemade pizza with heaps of vegetables. Other favourite meals include a Lamb, Olive and Fetta salad or pasta with lots of vegetables and with chorizo sausage. Continue reading

A busy Bangarra dancer: what does he eat?

Touring around nationally and internationally with one of Australia’s busiest and most sought after contemporary dance companies takes its toll on a dancer’s body. Luke Currie-Richardson from Bangarra Dance Theatre (and ex-QL2 dancer) spared a few moments from his busy schedule to chat with Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank about how he maintains his healthy lifestyle.

Luke Currie-Richardson, Bangarra Dance Theatre

Luke Currie-Richardson, currently with Bangarra Dance Theatre (2013)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch, I like to eat a garden salad and fruit salad – the mix of fruit and vegetables gives me the energy boost to get through the afternoon rehearsals. For dinner I tend to eat salads and fish (Atlantic Salmon is my favourite) or pasta to regain energy and protein stores lost throughout the day. Continue reading

How do ballet boys really keep healthy?

Ever wanted to know the deep dark secrets of how professional dancers keep healthy?   Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank, finds out exactly how ex-Quantum Leapers and professional dancers keep healthy during their busy dance filled schedules.

Here’s how West Australian Ballet Dancer, Samuel Maxted, keeps healthy and physically active during intensive ballet rehearsals:

Samuel Maxted, West Australian Ballet

Samuel Maxted, West Australian Ballet

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
Working full time in a ballet company requires lots of energy and strength, so I eat a lot more than simply lunch and dinner. For breakfast I usually eat a high carb breakfast to have lots of energy for morning class and rehearsals. After class I eat a can of tuna, some grain crackers and tub of yogurt and before I hit the gym I like to eat a banana then finish off after my gym session with a protein bar or protein shake. My big meal of the day is lunch. High on carbs meal – (mainly foods like lasagna, spaghetti bolognaise, chicken pesto pasta ect.) I snack with a piece of fruit in the afternoon. I finish with dinner often meat and vegetables; steak, chicken, or fish with salad on the side. Continue reading