QL2 DVDs for schools

Schools around Australia use performances by QL2 Dance as study materials. We make DVDs of performances available for this purpose, with a licence for limited educational use.

We have DVDs from eight different past performances available for licence, all from our “Quantum Leap” ensemble.  Quantum Leap is Canberra’s own youth dance ensemble, making passionate contemporary dance for all audiences.

Each DVD is a full documentary video of the performance. Most come with a copy of the education resource which was produced at the time, and a program where available.  Recent DVDs have been professionally filmed, edited and mastered by our production partners, WildBear Entertainment.

Licence cost is $60 per work, which includes postage for the DVD.

If you would like to place an order, please fill in the order/licence agreement form below.  If you also provide a school purchase order or payment, we will process the order immediately. Otherwise, we will send you an invoice, and will process the order when we receive the payment.

RV2_edit2“Reckless Valour” 2005 — Through the journey of Reckless Valour we are seeking connections between history and contemporary culture. We have used The Australian War Memorial to examine what war means to Australians through its location, site, architecture, collections and symbolism. Its location draws our attention to the reality of cause and effect.   “…a hauntingly unforgettable expression of a youthful perspective of the futility and tragedy of war.” Sir William Deane AC KBE QC

Landscape Poster (Ver5)“Landscape: time. place. identity.” 2006  — A full-length dance work inspired by the vast collection of Australian landscapes at the National Gallery of Australia. This collection captures responses to and perceptions of the landscape: on paper, bark, canvas, photographic materials and in sculpture. These artworks have driven the creation of this new dance work. It takes us on a geographic journey of locations, a personal journey of experience and an artistic journey of contemplation, reflection and response.

UnspeakableWEBAD“Unspeakable” 2007 — A dance work inspired by our reflection on the power of the voice of the individual. The work explores the act of finding one’s voice; giving voice to thoughts, beliefs and aspirations; knowing when to speak up or speak out; knowing when to remain silent and, beyond this, considering when words in themselves are of little value and we decide to commit our internal voice to action. This progression of awareness is central to growing up and becoming an adult. Part of the challenge to all of us who are still growing up are: what kind of adult do we wish to become, and how might we use our voice to best advantage?

MSMB-160x600pxSM“My Sister, My Brother” 2008 —  Relevant to the lives and struggles of all young people. It touches the sensitive issues teenagers are faced with in a world with mixed messages and changing values. The performance explores the universal experience of individual differences, connectedness, belonging, compassion, empathy, tolerance and humanity.

QL2_CapMag copy“Select Option” 2009 — Touches on a theme common to all people – choice. To young people in particular, making choices can be seen as many things: liberating, stressful, even scary. Select Option asks how we arrive at the choices we make, what influences and whose advice they take into consideration, how willing we are to go along with the group and when we choose to stand apart, and how we become confident in our own ability to make good choices.

NightTime A2 poster_v3 400px“Night. Time.” 2010 —  “As dusk falls, everyone chooses their moment. Snuggled in bed or out on the town, the night world is different through every window.” A contemporary youth dance work which explores the period between dusk and dawn, and the activities and dreams that young people experience during this time.

Identify 450x600 v1“Identify” 2011 — Identify explores the idea of identity from three different perspectives. Jodie Farrugia’s work The Land is Calling looks at our migration heritage: from the first Indigenous Australians migrating to Australia (perhaps tens of thousands of years ago), each successive wave of migrants through recent history, and migrants and refugees today. Adam Wheeler created Precipice, originally part of the Toes on the Edge collaboration between QL2 and Bangkok Dance Academy that toured to three major cities in Thailand. Choreographer Anton’s work Digital Face considers how we identify ourselves online. Is it a true reflection?

MRN-DL-Flyer_v4-1-280“Me Right Now” 2012 — The ‘young’ have been the centre of myths and truths throughout history. They have been romanticised, constructed, deconstructed and revised. To quote one of our dancers:”teenagers – are we individual humans, or are we just stereotypical sub-humans who have only learnt to make our beds, feed ourselves, and follow the pattern of teenagers. Me Right Now is our own story, of who we are, what influences us, and what we learn from it.”

HTFT A3 Poster_v4-1“Hit The Floor Together” 2013 — A Centenary of Canberra project proudly supported by the ACT Government, and part of Collected Works: Australia at Canberra Theatre Centre – This dance project presents Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people working together to understand and celebrate their roots, connection to the land they live on and their shared passion for dance.

“Boundless” 2014
— Harnessing the visions of three distinctive dance-makers, QL2’s dancers collaborate to provide a window into their thinking; their understanding of their contemporary world; the issues and forces that affect them; and their anxieties and dreams over the future. Facebook cover photo VR 851x315The triple bill uses the idea of being boundless as provocation for choreographic development but splinters off to three unique interpretations and dance processes.

“Reckless Valour” 2015
 —Reckless Valour was first created in 2005, as “a moving tribute to young Australians in war.” 10 years on, and with the original choreographers, we completely redeveloped it, and added a new section by independent choreographer James Batchelor, a member of the original cast. Reckless Valour for CTC new _a00 fullChoreographer Natalie Cursio, inspired by the stories of Edward “Ted” Smout, says  “It’s about trying to wrangle with an aspect of war. About the frustration with making the same mistakes again and again.”

“Connected” 2016 — “Connected”  was a triple-bill of diverse pieces, created in collaboration with the dancers by renowned choreographers Sara Black (Chunky Move, Punchdrunk), Kristina Chan (ADT), and physical theatre company Lingua Franca (Brisbane Powerhouse, Wirksworth Festival UK.) It investigated the power that connections can have on the individual, providing a unique reflection on how, in our own lives, we connect to those looking in. The production explored connections through our skin, connections with the natural world, and the ways in which strength and empowerment affect our connections with each other.

“This Poisoned Sea” 2017 —  “With my crossbow, I shot the albatross.”  And so the Quantum Leap ensemble uses The Rime of the Ancient Mariner as a launchpad to explore belonging, ownership, and responsibility. Do we have an albatross to lead us out of trouble?  Can we un-poison the sea? The choreographers and dancers set off from this epic, archaic text to find their own truths, their own stories of our place in the natural world. Created by celebrated West Australian choreographer Claudia Alessi; ex- Expressions Dance Company Jack Ziesing; and Eliza Sanders, a new voice to contemporary dance and theatre.


If you would like to place an order, please fill in the order and licence agreement form here.  If you also email a school purchase order or send us a payment, we will process the order immediately. Otherwise, we will send you an invoice, and will process the order when we receive the payment.

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Limited Licence

Agreement to the conditions of this licence is a condition of supply of the DVDs.

QL2 Dance Inc ABN 78745535672 (“The Licensor”)  will give The Licencee, subject to payment of the fees specified,  a limited educational licence in relation to DVD copies of the performance documentation videos listed below (“the DVDs”) and the choreographic, theatrical, musical, design, costume, performance, video and other works they contain ("The Works").

I am legally empowered to act as the representative of The Licensee for this agreement.

  1. The Licensee agrees that legal and moral rights to The Works are held by The Licensor, the artists and young people involved, and others.
  2. The Licensee agrees that, except as specified in clause 3 below, they will not and will not permit or allow anyone to view, distribute, copy, display, share, sell, give away, publish, present, or use:
    1. the DVDs; or
    2. any element or form or reproduction or approximation or still of The Works; or
    3. any representation of individuals documented in The Works; or
    4. any other documentation or writing supplied with The DVDs.
  3. The Licensee agrees to use the DVDs only for the purposes of viewing by teachers and students of The Licensee for educational purposes, under direct control of the Licensee, on the Licensees premises, without charge to the viewers.
  4. The Licensee agrees secure the DVDs against being removed from The Licensee’s care or control.
  5. The Licensee agrees that possession of the DVDs does not give any right in relation to The DVDs or The Works other than those asigned in this Licence.
  6.  The Licensee agrees to ensure that a copy of this Licence is kept with the DVDs.