QL2 alumni: all over the world, making a difference

We have alumni who are excelling as independent artists; in national and international companies and major independent projects; working as teachers and education officers for major dance companies; and extending into cross-artform work. Many have returned to QL2 for commissions and residencies.  Below is a sample (as at 2019).

(What did they do at QL2? CP=Chaos Project; QL=Quantum Leap; OC=On Course; SL=Soft Landing).

Alexandra Barry Knox: (QL, OC, SL) toured with Ballet Lab, ATYP with Meryl Tankard. Independent artist in SA.

Alison Tandy: (QL) BSc/BA at ANU and Københavns Universitet. Ambassador Teach For Australia.

Angela Goh: (QL, OC, SL) QUT graduate, independent artist in Qld, NSW, ACT.

Anthony DiPlacido: (QL) trained at the Actors Centre, Sydney; now working as a professional actor (Rake, Underbelly).

Ashlee Bye: (CP, QL, OC, SL) VCA graduate; now independent choreographer and Menagerie collective Melbourne.

Belinda Lee: (QL, OC) WAAPA graduate, fashion and costume designer.

Bhenji Ra: (QL, OC) WAAPA graduate; independent queer Australian-Filipino dance and visual artist.

Caitlin Mackenzie: (QL, OC, SL) QUT graduate, co-founder of Makeshift Dance Collective; director of Stompin Youth Dance.

Caroline Spry: (QL) runs ‘Fresh Funk’ dance program at Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

Chafia Brooks: (QL, OC, SL) QUT graduate, performer, choreographer and teacher.

Chatchanok (Much) Hemachandra: (QL, OC) VCA graduate, Masters in London, independent artist in Thailand.

Chloe Chignell: (CP, QL, OC) VCA dance graduate, Dancehouse intern, DanceWEB Scholarship, Kier Scholarship nominee.

Chrissie Norford: (QL, OC, SL) involved over 6 years. Graduate of QUT, working with Australian Theatre for Young People

Quantum Leap, 2002

Daniel Riley McKinley: (QL 6 years, OC) QUT graduate, Bangarra Dance Theatre dancer & choreographer, QL2 commission, now independent dance artist.

Dean Cross: (CP, QL, OC, SL) QUT graduate, Legs on the Wall Physical Theatre, Shaun Parker, Lucy Guerin Inc, Tasdance, QL2. Cross-media visual artist.

Deborah Robertson (QL, OC) WAAPA graduate, Education Officer at WA Ballet, independent choreographer, film-maker.

Eliza Sanders:  (QL, ) NZSD graduate, independent choreographer NZ and Aust; Co-Director House of Sand.

Harry Morrissey: (CP, QL, OC) involved for 10 years, graduated from WAAPA, independent artist in Sydney.

Jack Ziesing: (CP, QL, OC) WAAPA graduate, dancer with Expressions Dance Company (Brisbane) for 5 years, Dancenorth,independent artist.

Jacqui Cornforth (CP, QL, OC), studied at NAISDA College, QUT graduate, Indigenous leader and educator with BlakDance.

Jake Kuzma: (CP, QL, OC, SL) QUT graduate, freelance contemporary dancer in Australia, choreographic commission with QL2, teacher in China.

James Batchelor:  (CP, QL, OC). VCA graduate. Major projects with Sue Healey, Chunky Move and Tasdance. Independent choreographer and filmmaker.

James Shannon: (QL, OC) involved for 3 years, graduated from VCA, performing with Tasdance and Chunky Move.

Jamie Winbank: (CP, QL, OC, SL) WAAPA graduate, now independent artist, project manager, and teacher.

Jess Wasikowska: (CP, QL, OC) involved for 4 years, VCA graduate,  teaching dance.

Jessica Ausserlechner: (QL) involved over 3 years, graduated from WAAPA, danced overseas, teaching in Canberra.

Kath Duhigg (QL, OC) Siobhan Davies Dance in London,  education officer SDC, Education Manager QLD Ballet.

Katherine Newnham: (QL, OC) VCA graduate, Strange Fruit, Chunky Move, Circa.

Kathryn May: (QL, OC) involved for 2 years, graduated from Deakin University dance course, now independent dancemaker.

Laura Boynes: (QL, OC) WAAPA graduate, company dancer with Buzz Dance Theatre, independent artist performing in dance projects in WA, Vic and ACT.

Lucy Sedlacek: (QL) WAAPA graduate, high school dance teacher.

Luke Currie-Richardson: (QL, OC) involved with QL2 for two years, studied at NAISDA College, QUT graduate; Bangarra Dance Theatre company, now independent artist.

Melissa Anderson: (QL) involved with QL2 for three years, AC Arts graduate

Merci Taylor: (QL), WAAPA graduate.

Mia Wasikowska: (CP, QL), Internationally renowned actor: Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, The Kids Are Alright.

Michelle Norris (CP, QL): BA International Relations (Mandarin) ANU, QL2 Board.

Miriam Bond: (QL, OC) VCA honours graduate; dance specialist teacher and independent artist in Alice Springs.

Moriya Rosenberg: (CP, QL) involved for six years, VCA graduate. Journalist, movement teacher and peace activist in Israel.

Navinda (Lordfai) Vadtanakovint: (QL, OC) VCA graduate. Independent choreographer, and teacher (Bangkok.)

Nerida Matthaei (QL, OC): QUT graduate, director Phluxus 2, QUT lecturer.

Paul Jackson: (QL, SL) Studied at VCA, Deakin University graduate; independent creator in Melbourne.

Paul O’Keeffe (QL 1999-2002) NICA; performer and trainer with Circus Oz; performer with Legs on the Wall, Circa.

Paul Zivkovich: (QL 1999–2001) QUT graduate; Australian Dance Theatre, Rafael Bonachela; Sydney Dance Company, Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Punchdrunk.

Penny Chivas (QL): WAAPA graduate, VCA Honours. Dance and improvisation, teaching in Canada, UK.

Rebecca Frasca: (CP, QL) graduate of WAAPA graduate, Link Dance Company.

Reuben Ingall: (QL) ANU School of Music graduate, professional independent musician and composer.

Sam Young-Wright (CP, QL, OC). WAAPA graduate, Sydney Dance Company, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.

Samuel Maxted (CH, QL): WAAPA graduate; West Australian Ballet; TanzCompany Innsbruck.

Sara Black (QL): Australian and international artist, toured extensively with Chunky Move; Punchdrunk. Helpmann Award.

Sarah Kaur: (CP, QL) Independent producer and video artist.

Stephen Gow: (CP, QL) Danced with Quantum Leap for five years. Hip hop dance group ‘Instant Bun’ and ‘Cypher’.

Yarra Ileto: (QL) an inaugural Quantum Leaper; company dancer with “T.H.E. Dance Company”, Singapore.

“As a young person investigating my potential as an artist, I was nurtured, encouraged and valued by QL2, enabling me to tackle the challenges in all aspects of my life with confidence. The guidance of the dedicated staff has enabled me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and I feel empowered by their constant presence and support. I’m greatly inspired by their unflinching commitment to innovating, refining and promoting Australian arts and artists. They are constantly challenging the young people they work with to engage with complex ideas and take the initiative. ”  Eliza Sanders

Perhaps the best measure of our success in activating young dance artists is the artistic success of our alumni as they continue their dance careers.