About Tessa Broadby

Tessa Broadby is a dance artist based in Melbourne, completing her study at Deakin. During this time she worked with artists such as Sally Gardner, Shaun Mcleod, Olivia Millard, Linda Sastradipradja and Atlanta Eke. In 2013 with Hairy Thing Dance Collective, Tessa collaborated on and performed in ‘A Beautification of Spatulas’ (Auckland Fringe Festival). She also performed in Atlanta Eke’s ‘Monster Body’ (Dance Massive) and Sarah Ling’s ‘Milkshake’ (Crack Theatre Festival). Tessa is interested in working independently and collaboratively, and recently completed a Summer Space Grant at Dancehouse. She hopes to continue working with ideas that came up during this period.

Soft Landing has consumed Tessa Broadby. What next?

EDITOR:  20/3/2014  – You can see Tessa and the rest of the Soft Landers in a showing and forum, Friday 21 or Saturday 22 March 2014 at QL2. Details here.

TessaAs I write this I am still completely consumed by the experience of Soft Landing. Because that is what my experience has been – consuming. Generally in a good way, but if not, in an interesting way.

When I arrived I was nervous. It had been a year since I’d graduated and while I’d been involved in a few projects over that year, I felt I was going into something totally out of practice – with both dancing and being involved in dance. That said…I was interested. Continue reading