“the person next to you will get a completely different story…”

Quantum Leap has moved into the Playhouse! More from the production week madness soon… BUT NOW! The latest video offering a sneak peek into the lives of Quantum Leapers. Dancers speak on how they discover new things about themselves, ways of moving, and how different people can get very different experiences out of watching the same things.

So what kind of experience will you have? Watch Quantum Leap at the Playhouse, in ME RIGHT NOW!


“Every small move makes the story one” – video sneak peek C

In this video by Bearcage Productions, Quantum Leapers talk about how their ideas, emotions and choreography become part of the whole story of “Me Right Now“.

By the way… “Me Right Now” is exactly ONE WEEK away from Opening Night. So, have you got your tickets? Book ’em now!

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