About Liz Lea

Liz Lea trained at London Contemporary Dance School and Akademi in London, and Darpana Academy in India. She specialises in contemporary and classical Indian dance and martial arts. She is an Associate Artist at QL2 Dance (Canberra, Australia).

They boldly went — legacies, experiences and careers

Ed: QL2 Dance supported Liz Lea in developing and producing the BOLD Festival, including a Curated Residency providing studio space and time, and the QL2 Theatre as a public venue.

BOLD Festival is a new event in Canberra, designed to celebrate the legacy and impact of professional and community dance in all cultures. It is a platform for the work of older and still-practicing artists as a way to explore healthy ageing, the health impacts of creativity and the cross-generational exchange of ideas and practice.

Across four days, BOLD 2017 brought together dance artists from a wide range of areas, cultures and countries, and through talks, performances, films and revivals of historic works, we explore their legacies, experiences and careers evolving with age.

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Feathers in hospital wards, dance everywhere

[Ed: Liz Lea had a Curated Residency at QL2 to work on Taking Flight as part of Dance Week 2016]

Taking Flight is the name of a show I created for the National Library of Australia in 2012.

It was fitting to reuse the name and reform parts of the work and costumes for a new piece that we created in 2 days (!) at QL2 Studios. I am thrilled to have had a Curated Residency to work with Olivia Fyfe, Susanna Defraia and Jamie Winbank.

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Futurists with Gryffins: Liz works more magic with a Curated Residency at QL2

liz at workI have been in the space this week with three wonderful dancers – Alison Plevey, Jessica Pearce, and Janine Proost. We are creating movement for the Griffyn Ensemble’s forthcoming show The Three Futurists. The work will premiere at Belconnen Arts Centre this weekend for National Science Week.

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Liz Lea‘s “Kathrada – 50/25”: double your donation!

Kathrada – 50/25 is an evening of dance and music to pay homage to Ahmed Kathrada and his dedication to freedom for all. The performances mark the 50th Anniversary of the imprisonment of Ahmed Kathrada alongside Nelson Mandela for his stance against apartheid. 2014 also marks the 25th Anniversary of his release. The performers include Liz Lea, Bobby Singh, Jenni White, Mahesh Radhakrishnan and Troupe Olabisi. Performances 18th and 19th October at Gorman House Theatre, Canberra, Australia.

Liz says:“Pozible Pozible Pozible…  and yes it should be but fear and brain drain have kept me form launching this project until now. Bit like my tax really. Why the wait? What a great opportunity that QL2 and Creative Partnerships have afforded us! Dive in! Jump on It! go get it! Continue reading

Weeks 2 & 3 in the “InFlight” development process at QL2 Studios

Liz Lea is in residence at QL2, creating and rehearsing InFlight for premiere on the 31 May.

photo-3“One of the big challenges has been working out how to present a theatrical experience at the National Library of Australia (NLA) lecture theatre that surprises and delights the audience as well as paying homage to the historical material we are working with. As the theatre is not equipped with extensive lighting and is small is terms of a regular theatre space I was concerned as to how we achieve this. The theatre is also heritage listed, so there is a limit to what we can build.

So, when you cannot make a space bigger – make it smaller. This is why I am a dance maker and not an economist…

I decided we needed to build a life size small plane in the space. Simple.

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A tangled web of connected artists: Liz flies once more

Liz Lea talks about her latest project

Poster is out!

Poster is out!

I am currently in Residence at QL2 creating and rehearsing my new work InFlight for premiere on the 31 May. I am lucky enough to have artsACT funding and a Grant of Space from QL2 Dance and four fabulous dancers from Canberra and Sydney. Miranda Wheen, Alison Plevey, Marnie Palomares and Melanie Palomares. Continue reading

Liz Lea: dance & science, cockatoos & turnout, and InFlight

I have been running a series of Dance and Science workshops with Inspiring Australia based at CSIRO Discovery.

In the first lecture on 2 February, I talked at CSIRO about the research into the Red Tailed Black cockatoo, and the choreography being developed with Tammi Gissell for her solo Magnificus Magnificus. We previewed the work at the launch of the Centenary of Canberra Indigenous program,  and will also present at Dance Massive. QL2 Dance have supported the work with a grant of space in August last year, and also some days this year which has been wonderful. The work premieres alongside my solo Kapture in October at The Street Theatre as part of their Made in Canberra season. Continue reading