About Janine Proost

JANINE PROOST is a Dutch dance maker and performer based in Melbourne. She studied at Codarts and London Contemporary Dance School, completing her BA(hons) in 2009. An alumni of QL2 Dance's "Soft Landing" program under Amelia McQueen, she has worked with choreographers including Luhndahl & Seitl, Cie. Wili Dorner, Eva Recacha, Adelina Larsson, PVI Collective, and as a member of improvisation ensemble The Trumpetcreepers and Mirramu Dance Company. Janine's choreography (incl. Fancy Sounding Dress ‘10, The Fist ‘11, Situation ‘12 and Elevate ‘14) has been presented in The Netherlands, England, Denmark and in Australia at You Are Here Festival, Pieces for Small Spaces, Sound and Fury, Short+Sweet Dance. She is currently performing in Sarah Aiken & Rebecca Jensen’s Overworld as part of Next Wave Festival and is one of the four founding facilitators of Deep Soulful Sweats. Janine holds certificates in Yoga teaching and Permaculture, integrating these practices in her artistic work.

Janine Proost’s “Potential”: crowdfunded, matched, and ready to go

Ed: Update 18 May 2014: Potential’s  Pozible campaign has reached it’s target of $2,500. So, thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia, that’s $5,000 towards the project! Woohoo!

Ed: Janine Proost is an alumni of our “Soft Landing” program, and continues to be engaged with us through Curated Residencies and other projects. Her project “Potential”  is supported by QL2 Dance through Creative Partnerships Australia’s “Match: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector” initiative. Every dollar given to her Pozible campaign will be matched up to $2500, doubling the benefit to her project.

“POTENTIAL is inspired by our infatuation with the ideas of ‘working on yourself’ and ‘taking positive action’ in all sorts of manifestations including the popularity of yoga classes, Facebook inspirational memes, the rise of vegan recipe blogs, Avaaz campaigns, up-cycling, and portable veggie patches. I am part of a culture in which we are driven to live up to our fullest potential as human beings, even when we aren’t exactly clear on what that means.” 

Janine writes about progress so far:

Janine 1399093482On Thursday we had our first rehearsal at Northcote Town Hall, in the space where we’ll be performing POTENTIAL at the end of September. Rehearsing in the space has felt affirmative and grounding but it also put the pressure on: in only 4 more weeks of rehearsal all up we’ll be putting on the show right here! Continue reading