About Jamie Winbank

Jamie Winbank is a dance artist, choreographer and dance teacher based in Canberra. Originally from Young, NSW Jamie has trained and studied at The Sydney University, NIDA and WAAPA (Bachelor of Arts - Dance). He has choreographed “couch” with Kelly Beneforti for Dance On The Edge, “The Wrong Way Down A One Way Street” for National Capital Ballet and most recently“sonder” for Short + Sweet Dance and was the conceiver and director of the interactive roving improvisation “Everyday Play” for the 2014 Art Not Apart Festival. Jamie has been involved with QL2 Dance for over ten years, having been a member of its youth ensemble Quantum Leap and now currently works there as Tour Manager and Assistant to the Artistic Director for the company’s “Boundless Tour” to Bangkok, London and Glasgow. Jamie was a guest panelist at “The Next Gen”, a youth arts forum hosted by Belconnen Arts Centre; the movement director for Canberra’s first major fashion festival, FASHFEST; Assistant to the Artistic Director for the 2013 Australian Dance Awards; Technical Manager for CSIRO’s DANscienCE Festival; co-conceiver and co-producer for “Strange Attractor” a dance event showcasing independent dance practice in Canberra and has been a Board Member (Student Representative) at WAAPA and currently a Board Member for AUSDANCE ACT. Jamie is a National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific and International DVD Presenter for Les Mills Sh'bam. For more information head to www.jamiewinbank.com

Three awe-inspiring days: Tanja Liedtke’s legacy lives

Editor: Supported by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, QL2 Dance presented a 3-day intensive workshop series: “Inspiring Dance” in September 2014, led by Amelia McQueen and Kristina Chan. QL2 Associate Artist Jamie Winbank was one of 13 participants.

Below:  2002: “Twelfth floor” cast with Tanja Liedtke, in what is now the QL2 theatre.

I’ve always felt somewhat connected to Tanja Liedtke. As a Quantum Leaper in my first few years, I remember the theatre walls being painted half black, half green and seeing the chalk written on the walls and the lockers around. Back then I didn’t realize it was the rehearsal process of Tanja’s first major work Twelfth Floor; with artists in the studio that years later would become my mentors, colleagues and friends. It was again, during Soft Landing in 2012, when Life in Movement (the feature film documentary based on Tanja’s life) was released that I felt that connection reignite. Continue reading

Taking over the world in leaps and bounds

QL2 is taking over the world one country at a time! OK, maybe we’re not taking over the world but we’re certainly spreading the message of dance to as many places as we can.

IMG_0179Every two years we aim to travel either nationally or internationally to perform or attend workshops or festivals. So far the QL2 passport has stamps from Jamaica, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. From July 1st to 14th we’ll be adding another stamp for Thailand and a new fresh stamp for London and Glasgow with 8 dancers forming the tour party along with Ruth Osborne and myself, Jamie Winbank, as volunteer Tour Manager.

Continue reading

Get Jamie to Bangkok, London and Glasgow!

Ed: update 1/6/2014 — Congratulations to Jamie, now 110% funded! But pledges still open for another 8 days.

Some of you know me as Rehearsal Assistant full of “inspiring” life quotes, others know me as the messenger from the gods of fruit and vegetables and some know me as the teacher who has a phrase to Lose My Breath or the soundtrack from Wicked. However you know me or remember me, did you know that for the last 8 months I have been volunteering as Tour Manager for the QL2 Boundless tour to Bangkok, London and Glasgow?

Whilst spreading messages of fruit eating and dancing to Lose My Breath I have also been liaising with dance companies, booking accommodation, arranging flights and scheduling the day to day activities of the 8 dancers and 4 adult members attending the tour – creating an overall tour that is full of wonder and excitement. During the 14 days of the tour, I will also volunteer his time to assist in rehearsals and choreographic development in Bangkok, assist Ruth with a presentation of a “boys in dance” session at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow and generally ensure a smooth and successful tour for those attending. Continue reading

What’s in your box? Healthy recipes for healthy dancers: Potato Fritatta


Potato Fritatta

Not sure what to pack into your lunchbox for rehearsals? Look no further, Health Promotions Officer and resident potato cooker, Jamie Winbank, has done all the hard work for you (including peeling the potatoes) and found some of the best Go for 2 and 5® recipes for you to include in your lunchbox for when rehearsals begin. Continue reading

How does an independent artist maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Independent artists lead extraordinary lives. One day they might be in schools running an education project, the next day they’re literally running around the Australian Institute of Sport rehearsing a new work. Alison Plevey caught her breath for a few moments after rehearsal and explained to Health Promotions Officer, Jamie Winbank, how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Alison Plevey, Independent Artist (Canberra, Bathurst)

Do you have a favourite meal that keeps you going throughout rehearsals?
For lunch I like a ham, cheese and salad wrap/sandwich. I like to have snacks throughout the day. I might have a biscuit, or small piece of cake as treat. For dinner I love a good homemade pizza with heaps of vegetables. Other favourite meals include a Lamb, Olive and Fetta salad or pasta with lots of vegetables and with chorizo sausage. Continue reading

What’s in your box? Tips to Go for 2&5®.

As dancers, finding enough time for a full meal with vegetables and fruit may not always be possible. Here are some useful tips that the Go for 2&5® team recommend:




  • Top toast with cooked mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum or sweet corn
  • Chop and add to an omelette or savoury pancake
  • Heat chopped leftover vegetables and serve as a topping for toast; add an egg or reduced-fat cheese for a more substantial meal. Continue reading

What’s in your box? more recipes for dancers: Ham and Vegetable Slice

Health Promotions Officer and resident Master/Iron Chef, Jamie Winbank, has done all the hard work for you (including slicing all the vegetables) and found some of the best Go for 2 and 5® recipes for you to include in your lunchbox for when rehearsals begin.

Ham and Vegetable Slice

Ham and Vegetable Slice

Ham and Vegetable Slice

15 minutes preparation + 30-40 minutes cooking

What you’ll need:

  • 6 eggs
  • 60g plain flour
  • 1 cup zucchini, grated and drained
  • ½ cup sweet corn kernels or 225g can, drained
  • 1 cup grated carrot
  • ¼ cup chives, chopped
  • 100g lean ham, chopped
  • 50g grated reduced-fat cheese Continue reading