About Alison Plevey

Alison is an award-winning choreographer and dance and physical artist based in Canberra. Her practice spans youth dance and theatre, education, cross-disciplinary collaborations, festival commissions, solo research and arts industry development in regional NSW and the ACT. Alison holds a first class honours degree from WAAPA. She is a member of The Childer’s Group, an independent arts advocacy group in Canberra. Recent works include ‘Mine!’ (ACT National Science Week 2017), ‘Nervous’ at Mount Stromlo Observatory, and ‘Strings Attached’ at New Acton, ‘Dancing with Drones’ (Performance Space LiveWorks 2015), ‘Shake It’ (Art, Not Apart Festival 2017), ‘Autonomous’ (You Are Here Festival 2017), ‘Sprout’ (Art, Not Apart Festival 2016), ‘Heatwave’ (Dance on the Edge 2016), ‘Johnny Castellano is Mine’ (The Street Theatre 2014), ‘WORK IT’ (Art, Not Apart and You Are Here Festivals 2015). Alison is Co-Director of dance and physical theatre company Lingua Franca with Adam Deusien. Based in Bathurst they create visceral original performance engaging professional, emerging and community artists. Their recent work ‘unsustainable behaviour’ was presented at the Regional Arts Australian Conference, ArtLands Dubbo 2016). Alison is Leader of new Canberra company Australian Dance Party, driven by her ongoing study of dance as a universal communicative medium and a powerful practice for humanity to experience, debate and celebrate. The Party is an evolution of her work as a solo artist and inspired collaborations with diverse artists in Canberra. She aims to build the sustainability of professional dance in our political capital and legitimise the role of the arts in our contemporary context.

A month of go go going… Alison, QL2 & ADP

Ed: Alison Plevey was Acting Artistic Director of QL2 Dance for September and Octiober, while Ruth Osborne was on a Churchill Fellowship in the UK. She is also AD of QL2’s “Company in Residency”, ‘Australian Dance Party’.

“As I surface after a wonderfully busy, rewarding, challenging month or two at the helm of QL2 Dance and multi-tasking with some ADP works, I am breathing in and reflecting on successes, challenges and questions, something we all tend to cycle through as artists.

Stepping into the role of the wonderous Ruth Osborne (she ventured on her Churchill Fellowship and is now shortlisted for ACT Australian of the Year!!) was a great honour and adventure. I have cherished and been incredibly stimulated by taking on this role which is so important to many young people, the ACT community and youth dance practice in Australia and beyond.

from “Not like the others”. Photo: Lorna Sim

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CO.LAB — physical research and creative investigation

After a busy year with performance projects, Strings Attached, Nervous and Versailles, Australian Dance Party is this year running a new weekly program focusing on creative practice and collaborative process, supported by QL2 Dance.

Janine Proost and Gabe Comerford in development of ‘Strings Attached’, August 2016

“CO.LAB” which will run on Fridays 10am-4pm at QL2 Dance Studio is:

“a space for invited professional dance artists and creative collaborators to engage in physical research, artistic exchange and processes experimentation.”

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sprouting new energy for new projects…

Ed: Alison Plevey is the recipient of  a Curated Residency at QL2 to support several projects across the whole of 2016.

“It has been an energised start to 2016, with many projects on the go in the studio and out. During Canberra’s busy arts festival time I have worked collaboratively with awesome local artists creating ‘Autumn Lantern‘ for Enlighten and ‘Sprout‘ for Art, Not Apart amidst commencing QL2 classes and ‘Connected’ Quantum Leap at the Playhouse rehearsals.

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Autumn Lantern at Enlighten Festival, was a joy to create and perform amidst a handful of great artists; violinist Michael Liu, dancers Olivia Fyfe, Debora Di Centa and Susanna Defraia and guitarist Tyson Jones. The costumes had us dipped head to toe in white and trimmed with illuminating hooped skirts — a huge component for the success of this piece. Thanks to Hemmi and Tanya Voges! Continue reading

Dancing with drones and jewels

Ed: Alison Plevey is a QL2 Associate Artist: deeply enmeshed with our programs for young people. She receives Curated Residency access throughout the year as part of our support for local independent dance artists.

Alongside the chaos of creating for QL2’s All the things, this past month I have engaged in some rather out of the ordinary projects, involving some quirky external players and objects.

Its not often that a dance artist, or anyone for that matter would see themselves playing and moving with a drone. I get to!

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Jam session: Alison, David, Jacob. Impression, Comparison, Perspective.

Jam session with Jacob Lehreh and David Corbet, 21 Sept 2015

Alison: Following Precipice Improvisation festival, which I was fortunate able to catch a glimpse of in the final performance Sunday afternoon, I chatted with David and Jacob who were keen to engage in more of an extended practice together while they were here in Canberra. Something they do every thre months. They invited me in to be part of it, and particularly as outside eye to their ongoing performance improvisation practice.

impro 3We began with an old tool called the underscore developed by Nancy Stark Smith a way to enter into, develop and reflect on an improvisation. We danced for an hour. It was reinvigorating to engage with the two gents on the floor, and to notice my own body and mind respond to the process. I enjoyed being a soloist, a partner, a voyeur, amongst the tangle of limbs and the island of space.

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Marching on… Festival style! “Work it”, “Site Effects”, “Sound & Fury”

EDITOR: Alison Plevey has been working on more things than we can keep track of.

Wow, an intense couple of weeks approaches its climax with two Canberra emerging arts festivals Art Not Apart and You Are Here.

I have been in the workplace, on site at NewActon and in the theatre at QL2 the past three weeks amidst ‘normal’ activities creating WORK IT, Site Effects and choreography for Sound & Fury.

WORK IT is a project unique to my process and practice though combining all that inspires me and motivates me to make and perform work. It is a multimedia site dance piece exploring that often repetitive, taxing and yet incredibly intrinsic activity, work. It challenges and reveals our we experience work its interconnectivity amidst an increasingly distant and social disconnected world. What is the business that we do and why do we do it?

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Warrior: film, dance, collaboration

Amidst the chaos of the recently completed QL2 junior project For The Win, and kicking off a regional youth project in Cowra and Bathurst — Clique — I have also been working to finish off a collaboration with local Director Simone Thompson. The project is a short film titled Warrior which follows the story of Laura, a girl in her twenties juggling new love, self doubt and pressures to perform.

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