Hot to Trot 2019: choreographer & dancer application

Please read this first!

‘Hot to Trot’ is a mentored project for young choreographers and dancers, giving you an opportunity to choreograph or dance in a short work with support in all aspects of the application process and choreographic process. It is an invaluable experience to develop as a dance-maker and/or performer. You will not only receive mentoring support, but also publicity, administrative support, and rehearsal and performance venues.

This project is open only to dancers that were in ‘Filling the Space’, and those in the QL2 Pre-Tertiary and Senior Programs.


‘Hot to Trot’ is a subsidised project, with a project fee of $70 for choreographers and $40 for dancers. Assistance is available through our bursary program in case of financial hardship.


This project is about choreographic development. Reflecting this, everyone — dancers and choreographers — must participate in a ‘Hot to Trot’ Choreographic Workshop:
Sunday 1 September 9.30–11.30am at the QL2 Studio.

Who gets selected as dancers?

We hope all Quantum Leapers, and many others from our Senior Program will want to participate as dancers. Choreographers will also dance in other pieces. Not everyone who applies will necessarily be dancing — it depends how many applicatiosn we get, and how many of what kind of dancers are needed.

For dancers, applying is easy. Just scroll down to the form, let us know on the form how many pieces you are available for, check the schedule including the choreographic workshop, and note any dates you cannot do.


For choreographers, you need to meet with Ruth first. And the online form will ask you some difficult questions. Don’t be discouraged, and ask us for help if you need it!

The Selection Panel will be looking for:

  • An interesting idea.
  • An achievable process
  • A well thought out application.

They will also take into consideration:

  • Your creative input, group work, and responses to direction in previous Quantum Leap projects.
  • Your attendance at classes.
  • Your record in project admin: returning forms, giving us information in time etc.

They will choose approximately 8 pieces, aiming for diversity: including various group sizes, ages, genders and cultures. Not everyone will get in.

The panel will also have final say on who performs in what. They will aim to give each choreographer the number and type of dancers that they can work with successfully; but part of the goal is to challenge yourself, rather than just working with friends. We want to make sure that every dancer and choreographer benefits from their participation.

(Questions marked with a * must have an answer.)


We will do a massive juggling act to try to satisfy everyone’s requests for dancers, without creating a totally crazy schedule for anyone. To make this process do-able, we need you to be available for any of the time slots listed below. And to not change your mind later!

The rehearsal schedule for each choreographer will include a minimum of 21 hours of rehearsal per piece. So, the minimum time commitment is the introduction workshop, + 21 hours per piece, + technical days, + performances.

Saturday 1 September
Project meeting and workshop
6, 13, 20 September; 25 October;
1, 8, 15 November
Saturdays: 7, 14, 21 September; 26 October;
2, 9, 15 November
Sundays: 8, 15, 22 September 9–12pm
Sundays: 27 October;
3, 10, 17 November
Friday 22 November — TECH 4.00–8.30pm
Saturday 23 November —
TECH, dress run, performance
Sunday 24 November — notes, run, performance 2pm–8.30pm

(When you tick this box, some more questions will appear below.)

(Choreographers: this is in addition to your own piece)

If you are not available on a particular day or at a particular time, please let us know here, and why.  Please check carefully, and don't let anyone down by changing later!

Eg if you have discussed an issue with Artistic Director Ruth Osborne, please note it here.

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