Welcome Mary Kendell, QL2 Dance’s new General Manager

Mary Kendell. Photo: Lorna Sim

Chair of QL2 Dance, the Hon Richard Refshauge SC, today announced the appointment of a new General Manager, Mary Kendell, to replace the outgoing Gary Barnes who will retire this month.

Mary says:  “I have worked in the non-for-profit arts sector for almost a decade.

From a very young age I became aware that my set of skills was strongly focused in Maths and working with numbers, while my interest and passion is deeply embedded within the arts. So it was quite apparent to me that to make the best of my talents, I should follow a career path in business management; but in order for me to maintain interest and drive in my career, only a job supporting the arts would satisfy.

Initially, I  applied for the position at QL2 because I was seeking an opportunity like this for myself — it combines what I am really good at with what I am passionate about.  Every career move that I have made was in search of this opportunity. However, this has now become something deeper,  something more meaningful. As I learn more about QL2,  the wonderful people who make QL2, its vision and the delivery of this vision, I understand better what I am a part of now.

I am extremely proud and excited about working at QL2.  My hope is to learn from Ruth and to support her in this quest to develop and empower dancers and dance-makers.

I thank the board for listening to me and offering me this wonderful opportunity.

Lastly, I  would like to publicly thank Gary for the wealth of knowledge and wisdom he has been trying to transfer to me.  Your passion and commitment are incredibly inspiring.  It will be an incredible challenge trying to fill your shoes but I am sure you already knew that. I am sad to see you leave, I  wish I could have worked with you,  but I hope that you will never be too far.”

Artistic Director Ruth Osborne: “In welcoming Mary into our wonderful organisation, I look back to consider where we have come from and where we are now.  It is significant for QL2 Dance to be entering a new era in appointing Mary as our new General Manager.  The Quantum Leap ensemble is in its 20th year and QL2 as a youth dance organisation is in its 12th.  Gary Barnes has worked beside me through all this time and has been crucial to our development, success and longevity.

Mary brings her own skills and experience to the role of GM and it will be exciting to see what her new perspective will have on us — staff, teachers, choreographers, dancers, parents, partner organisations and colleagues.

Welcome Mary!”

(L-R) Artistic Director of QL2 Dance Ruth Osborne with new General Manager Mary Kendell

The full announcement from QL2 Chair Richard Refshauge follows:

“I am delighted to announce that, after a careful consideration of impressive candidates for the position of General Manager, the Board of QL2 Dance has appointed Mary Kendell, formerly the Office Manager of the Canberra Glassworks. Mary brings a significant level of finance experience and qualifications, and a passion for the creative arts which will serve QL2 Dance well. The Board and staff look forward to working with Mary to continue the delivery of QL2 Dance’s substantial contribution to youth dance practice within the Canberra community and the nation more broadly, as well as the ongoing support and opportunities for independent contemporary dance practice in Canberra.

Richard also paid tribute to Gary Barnes, QL2 Dance’s long time – indeed, only – General Manager.  Richard said, “We are sad to see Gary depart; he has been a critical part of the success of QL2 Dance, always maintaining a high degree of excellence in administration that has resulted in the most effective delivery of our programs. His support for Ruth Osborne has been exceptional and his servicing of the Board has been of the first order.  We trust that we will be able to continue to have his support and, where needed, his expertise and wise counsel, but wish him and his partner, Yuko, every success in this next stage of their lives.”


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Gary is General Manager at QL2 Dance, previously General Manager at the Australian Choreographic Centre which developed the approach to youth dance programs which forms the core of QL2's work. He is a recovering computer programmer and live sound engineer. He discovered social dance through contemporary dance.