Ruby’s new hat: not like the others

ED: Ruby has been with QL2 Dance since 2014 – in almost every project. Now she is doing work experience as Assistant to the Artistic Director for QL2’s “Not like the others”, which has shows at Theatre 3 in Canberra 13-14 October 2017. Tickets: Book now TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR from 30 minutes before each show until sold out.  Don’t be late!

“I have participated in QL2 Dance’s  ‘Chaos’ project for the past 3 years, although this year due to injury, I’ve had to step out of the dancing role, and into a new one. Over the past two weeks, I’ve assisted Alison and the other choreographers during the Not Like the others rehearsal intensive as an outside eye. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside everyone throughout the creative development process, without having to perform in the theatre during production week.


I’ve witnessed the evolution of the show from a new angle, different to everyone else. Throughout rehearsals, I’ve been “not like the others”. When I was one of the dancers on stage, I’ve never seen the entirety of a show before and how it’s created. Stepping back and observing how the choreographers work their magic and piece everything together, I have learnt how intricate and detailed it is to make a full length, one hour show. Having the opportunity to be another set of eyes for the choreographers, I’ve been able to give them a second opinion and suggest ideas that have been incorporated into the work.

Being one of the older dancers in the chaos project, I’ve stepped up as a leader to help the younger ones in the past, but this year I’ve had to do this more than ever whilst assisting Alison and Steve during the Junior and Intermediate rehearsals. Giving my full attention to the other kids, rather than focusing on my own role in the show was a new experience in learning to be responsible for everyone else.

“Giving my full attention to the other kids, rather than focusing on my own role in the show”

Previously, I haven’t been able to completely get to know everyone in the cast due to the rehearsal times for each section, but this year by attending everyone’s rehearsals and helping all the choreographers I’m closer to the entire group and I know everyone individually.

This year, I’ve also had the chance to work with the volunteers who help with costumes, ticket sales and everything else that needs to get done. Being a dancer, we focus more on creating and developing the movement and ideas for the show; but by helping with the behind the scenes jobs, it gave me a greater understanding of the amount of energy put in for this production to become a reality.

I’ve had a first hand view into how hard all the dancers, choreographers and volunteers have worked to make this production come to life. The dedication and time that everyone gives to create such an energetic and meaningful show is outstanding to witness and I’ve gained so much from being part of the process, in a different role to what I am used to. Although I’m not on stage with all my friends this year, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy all the other benefits, and more, from being apart of the process to create Not like the others.”

Not like the others:  A new 1-hour contemporary dance work, developed in collaboration with the QL2  junior ensemble (ages 8–16) plus some older, experienced dancers. Created by QL2 Dance’s Acting Artistic Director Alison Plevey with choreographers  Steve Gow and Jack Riley. Read more…

4 performances only

13 & 14 October 2017
6pm Friday, 3pm & 6pm Saturday
+ school matinee 1.00 Friday
Theatre 3   3 Repertory Lane, Acton ACT
$20 full | $15 conc | $12 under 15
(Fees apply for online & phone bookings)
Tickets: Book now TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR from 30 minutes before each show until sold out.
Don’t be late!

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