On Course 2017 Application form

Make sure you read the project information here first!

(Questions marked with a * must have an answer.)

  • Project meeting and workshop Sunday 1 December 2019

  • Rehearsals/development:
    Monday 2 December – Thursday 6 December and Monday 9 December - Thursday 12 December.

  • Technical rehearsals 13-14 December

  • Performances Saturday 14 + Sunday 15 December
    at the QL2 Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre

  • Choreographers debrief Sunday 15 December

  • Six 3-hour rehearsals for each piece — choreographers must use all rehearsals for their piece,

  • Choreographers are expected to also be a dancer for one or more other pieces.

Before you start this form: check all the project details, and make sure can do all the times. And you will need:

  1. A 60 word biography, for publication. Written in the third person ("Raziya is…")

  2. Choreographers:

    1. a proposal for your piece (50–300 words);

    2. ideas about how many dancers you want to work with (we may not be able to satisfy all requests).

    3. names of particular dancers you have approached

    4. A 30 word statement about your goals in general as an artist, for publication. Written in the first person ("I want dance to be …")

Any significant medical conditions or injuries we need to know about for the project.

We are trying to get an idea of the diversity of people in On Course in the next 3 questions.

Eg at home, with family.


We will do a massive juggling act to try to satisfy everyone’s requests for dancers, without creating a totally crazy schedule for anyone. To make this process do-able, we need you to be available for any of the time slots listed below. And to not change your mind later.

Choreographers: your rehearsal schedule will include six 3-hour time slots for your own work; and another six 3-hour time slots for each work you are dancing in.

Dancers: there will be six 3-hour time slots for each work you are dancing in.


Sunday 1 December
(Project meeting and workshop; choreographers & dancers)
Monday 2 December – Friday 6 December &
Mon 9 – Thursday 12 December
9am – 12pm
12.15pm – 3.15pm
3.30pm – 6.30pm
6.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday 13 December — TECH
(everyone required)
11am – 9pm
Saturday 14 December —
TECH, dress run, performance
(everyone required)
9am – 8pm
Sunday 15 December —
Choreographers debriefNotes, run, performance (everyone required)
 2pm – 8pm

If you are not available on a particular day or at a particular time, you must tell us.

If you are dancing in your own piece, we also want you to be in another.

If you are not available on a particular day or at a particular time, please let us know here, and why.  Please check carefully, and don't let anyone down by changing later!

60 words, written in the third person ("Raziya has…"). This is for the program, and online publication. We may edit for style and length.

Please be as detailed as possible. Eg your idea, concept, subject matter, and development process.  Does the work already exist in some form, or will you be creating it here?

How many dancers would you like to work with? Any special requests — eg gender, specific skills? (Note that not all requests can be met). Do you have  specific strengths or weaknesses as a dancer?

Do you want to perform in your own work? Are there other artists involved (eg musicians)?

Does your proposal rely on particular props, set, lighting or video?

Eg if you have discussed a key issue with Artistic Director Ruth Osborne, please note it here.  If a choreographer has asked you to dance in their piece, tell us.

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All done?  When you hit 'Submit my registration' below, wait until you get the success message.  That might take a while. And if you don't get a success message, or don't get an email from us, please contact us!

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