They boldly went — legacies, experiences and careers

Ed: QL2 Dance supported Liz Lea in developing and producing the BOLD Festival, including a Curated Residency providing studio space and time, and the QL2 Theatre as a public venue.

BOLD Festival is a new event in Canberra, designed to celebrate the legacy and impact of professional and community dance in all cultures. It is a platform for the work of older and still-practicing artists as a way to explore healthy ageing, the health impacts of creativity and the cross-generational exchange of ideas and practice.

Across four days, BOLD 2017 brought together dance artists from a wide range of areas, cultures and countries, and through talks, performances, films and revivals of historic works, we explore their legacies, experiences and careers evolving with age.

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Interdisciplinarity was explored through connections between movement, science, multiculturalism, history and art, with an emphasis on Australian Indigenous dance heritage.

“Our present lies in our past – BOLD celebrates the changes that come with age.”

The event aligned with the Enlighten Festival, and was partnered by 4 national institutions; National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), National Library of Australia (NLA), National Portrait Gallery (NPG) and National Gallery of Australia (NGA) and also QL2 Dance.

QL2 Dance played a pivotal role in generously supported the event with a nine-day Curated Residency running in both the Theatre and Studio. This allowed eight workshops to take place covering Dance for Disability, Inclusivity, Indigenous, Elders, Men, Indian, Cabaret, Bellydance and more.

We were also able to run two performances – To Boldy Go and To Boldy Go Again on 11 and 12 March respectively. We had 85 attendees for the Saturday show, and 55 on Sunday.

BOLD was a great success. We hosted 120 performers, 90 delegates, 55 talks, 9 workshops, and 5 performances; and the concept caught the attention of the press.

I am deeply grateful for the support Ruth and Gary showed this event, which went beyond providing a space grant. I think it is also very clear that the event would not have been possible without this level of support as we run BOLD without funding and could not have afforded hire costs. BOLD rocked and that is because of our fabulous partners.