Residencies: Space & support for your dance project

QL2 Dance offers Curated Residencies both to young people within our target age range (up to 26), and older artists. Curated Residencies provide space in our theatre or studio without charge, and may also include other support. There is no cash component paid to Residents. 

All Curated Residency applications are assessed by the Artistic Director in response to project proposals. Applications for very small amounts of access from alumni and previous Residents may be processed as Space Grants with a faster turnaround. We strongly encourage applicants to discuss their project with the Artistic Director before making a formal application.

Curated Residencies “A” for young people create opportunities for young QL2 alumni and associates, by providing supported space for dance projects: studio  space for early development and theatre access for presentation.

Curated Residencies “B” for older professionals  create opportunities for professional dance artists outside our target age range to develop and present new works, and provide access to process and workshops for young local dancers. These Residencies will be offered to the extent they provide opportunities for younger participants to benefit.

Projects that are not approved as Curated Residencies may be eligible for reduced hire rates, on a sliding scale.

We prioritise Curated Residency requests using the following criteria:

  1. Proposals from young people (27 and under)
  2. Proposals which directly involve young people in their process
  3. Proposals which develop youth dance practice
  4. Proposals  from alumni: Quantum Leapers, participants in On Course and Soft Landing
  5. Proposals from Associate Artists of QL2
  6. Proposals which involve mentoring or other involvement by QL2 staff or Associate Artists


Write to Artistic Director  Ruth Osborne. We will need to have:

  1. A one-paragraph description of the overall project
  2. What the purpose of this phase is
  3. Who else will be involved
  4. A statement about how you and young dancers will benefit from it being here, or how it will benefit your own youth dance practice
  5. A timetable of what space access you are asking for (in consultation with us as to what might be available)
  6. Notes on what other resources you are asking for (eg theatre technical equipment, use of the theatre as a public venue, mentoring, marketing)


If you receive a Curated Residency you need to:

  1. Actually use the space at the times agreed — and tell us as soon as possible if you will need less or different time.
  2. Acknowledge our support in any publication, program, online notice etc.  EG  “This project is / I am supported by a Curated Residency  from QL2 Dance, Canberra”
  3. Write a story for our blog about your project and the residency — before, during, after, or all three.
  4. Write a short report for us after the residency, setting out what you achieved and what if any difference the Curated Residency made.

Australian Dance Party “Nervous” created with a Curated Residency

Applying for funding

If a Curated Residency will be part of an application for funding, you need to apply to us in plenty of time. If the Curated Residency is approved, we can then give an indicative letter of support with an estimated market value of the spaces, to assist you with funding applications. Once you know your funding situation, you will need to negotiate with us to finalise dates and times.

Our rates for new casual one-off hires (ie things that are not Curated Residencies)  for both the Studio and Theatre are as follows:

  • For-profit: $48/hour. All-day or afternoon-and-night hires to be negotiated; starting $340/day
  • Non-profit arts: $35/hour. All-day or afternoon-and-night hires to be negotiated; starting $240/day
  • Access to using theatre equipment (lights and sound) adds $30/day.
  • Full access to lights (re-focussing etc) adds $50/day; technician must be approved by us; lights must be re-set afterwards.
  • Discounts for longer hires.

Please contact QL2 Dance if you have any  questions or if you want to discuss your project before making an application.

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