QL2 shortlisted for Australian Dance Award for “Reckless Valour”

QL2 Dance is very excited to have been shortlisted for an Australian Dance Award. Our 2015  production Reckless Valour performed by Quantum Leap has been shortlisted in the “Outstanding Achievment in Youth Dance” category.

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 SHORTLIST: Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance

  • Catapult Dance for The Flipside Project
  • Force Majeure & Powerhouse Youth Theatre for Jump First, Ask Later
  • QL2 Dance for Reckless Valour
  • Slide Youth Dance Theatre for Time

See the full list on the Ausdance website. 

Reckless Valour was first created in 2005, “a moving tribute to young Australians in war.” 10 years on, and with the original choreographers, Canberra’s own youth dance ensemble Quantum Leap completely redeveloped it, and added a new section by independent choreographer James Batchelor, a member of the original cast.

DRAMATURG Paschal Daantos Berry
CHOREOGRAPHERS Jodie Farrugia, Natalie Cursio, Rowan Marchingo, Fiona Malone and James Batchelor
COMPOSERS  Nicholas Ng, Warwick Lynch, Mark Webber, Luke Tierney and Morgan Hickinbotham
VIDEO DESIGN WildBear Entertainment

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