What moves the “Connected” cast — and why you should see it.

add-as-button-200pxConnected was on at Canberra Playhouse, Wednesday 27–Saturday 30 July.

Wondering why the project is important, even if you can’t get to see it?  Let’s hear what some of the dancers have to say. Or you can find out more about the show here.

Shantelle 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_21Shantelle Wise-McCourt

When I was very young, I was the most uncoordinated child ever! My parents enrolled me in a local ballet school, hoping it would help with my coordination. To this day it has done nothing for my coordination. However, in exploring different styles of dance I have found something I am incredibly passionate about. At QL2 the talent is outstanding, the creativity within the youth ensemble is unbelievable. It feels wonderful to be able to create work and collaborate with such passionate people. It’s an experience that I have never seen anywhere else. We aren’t taught steps at QL2, we are taught to be confident in what we make and we are continuously given opportunity to excel.

Seth 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_4Seth Byrnes

Dance is important to make me feel alive. I’m not 100% sure what it means to me yet but I bet you it will mean a lot by the end of it.

It’s going to be great.

Amelie 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_23Amelie Allen

The choreographers really took everyone’s ideas and put them into the dance pieces. They push us to do our best and challenge ourselves, but also know what our limits are. Dance can make people see what is really important, but express it in physical way. I think sometimes we need more than just words.

Natsuko 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_30Natsuko Yonezawa

In Sara Black’s piece, Act of Contact, all the dancers have a different interpretation. Every time, before we perform or rehearse the piece, we imagine — and try to experience — how we feel and what we see the piece as. I always imagine a hot, steamy day at the beach in Darwin, a sudden cool breeze, the touch of my best friend and the hot and burning cement. I try to imagine what each of the thoughts may feel like on my skin. In All Our Might, the section I connect to the most is Grace—I find the movements the boys do are beautiful because it is rare to see boys move slowly and peacefully. They are always expected to show how amazingly strong they can be. It breaks the stereotypes.

Patricia 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_25Patricia Hayes Cavanagh

In Act of Contact, it’s about the physical, what happens in reaction to someone making a connection to you and in what ways that it can affect you and the people around you. All Our Might is very much about how a group can create a connection, an energy, between each other than can strengthen or weaken an individual.

Caspar 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_5Caspar Ilschner

I first started out dancing Flamenco with my siblings but decided it wasn’t for me, so I tried something different. I have been with QL2 since age 7 — I am now 16. The experience of creation was most definitely a unique and ultimately an inspiring, insightful and mind blowing event.  To dance with such experienced professional choreographers has been a one in a lifetime event that I will cherish.

Jess 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_13Jess Nicholls

I have been at QL2 for around 4 years and I have loved and continue to love every single second of it. It’s not just a dance organisation, it’s a family and it sets you up with life skills that you can use in any profession you choose to pursue, regardless of whether it has a dance background or not. Dance is important to me because it is my release. If I didn’t dance I would be a very angry, very boring person.

Layla 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_14Layla Pickering

Dance allows us to use our bodies in ways people can only imagine, it allows us to tell a story without words. It encourages creativity, strength and vulnerability which often is lost in the world out side of dance. Connected features teenagers and young adults. We are the future and I think it is important to see our take on being connected and how our personalities and ideas show through each piece.

Zach 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_1Zach Johnson

I started dancing because I wasn’t interested in sports like football. The collaboration process is why I love getting on stage. You feel a sense of ownership: that’s how QL2 works, and that’s why our performances are so good. The other dancers always give a different a perspective to look at. It’s always interesting, and sometimes you don’t agree, but that’s the way it goes. It’d be boring if it was just me in the process and on stage. Connected is made by a youth dance company that doesn’t strive for second best: we strive to be professional, and we really discipline ourselves to make sure that every QL2 show is a show worth seeing. Connected is no exception.

Clayton 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_7Clayton

I started properly dancing in August last year when I joined a local cheerleading team. Working with the choreographers has been fun and challenging at times, because I wasn’t as much of a good dancer, but now I seem to be getting the hang of it. I knew that everyone danced differently but I learnt that people dance a lot more differently than you’d think. I had to change the way I did things and learn to work differently, which was also quite fun.

Jason 2016 QL2 Contact_portraits 000_2Jason Pearce

I started doing ballet when I was 5 and over time started to do more contemporary dance. Working with Kristina Chan and Sara Black was a truly unforgettable experience and I believe every moment working with them was very valuable. It has given me a real insight into how professional and extraordinarily talented dancers and choreographers work. On a global scale, I believe dance can reach and connect with so many people around the world regardless of race, age or gender. People should come to see Connected because it is such a mature work with so much fine detail.

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add-as-button-200pxWed 27  July – Sat 30 July at 7pm + 30 July at 2pm
(+ school matinees 10.30am 28 & 29 July)
02 62752700 CANBERRATHEATRECENTRE.COM.AUSingle: $32 Under 27: $26
Concession: $20 (child/student/unemployed/pensioner)
Groups: full $26, U27 $22, concession/child $18 (min 8)
Family: $20 (min 6 tickets, max 2 adults)
If you want to take a school group to a public show — talk to us.
School group price of $15 applies.

Or you can find out more about the show here.

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