QL2 continues, without Australia Council funds

Congratulations to all the great organisations that have received multi-year Australia Council funding. And commiserations to all those who got bad news: those whose funding was not renewed, or who did not get up as new applicants. They include many colleagues, collaborators, and friends.

We are one of the many organisations who applied — having not had multiyear Australia Council funding previously — but did not succeed this time.

We have ongoing funding from the ACT Government, and support from donors and sponsors. We will not be able to expand our youth dance programs as hoped; but all our current programs will continue.

Young people in our programs will continue to make great dance; and we wish our alumni all the best in continuing their excellent dance work in this difficult climate for the arts in Australia.

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About Gary

Gary is General Manager at QL2 Dance, previously General Manager at the Australian Choreographic Centre which developed the approach to youth dance programs which forms the core of QL2's work. He is a recovering computer programmer and live sound engineer. He discovered social dance through contemporary dance.