2015 — what a year it was!

Photos of printed report IMG_07682015 was a very big year for QL2 Dance — and before we all forget, let’s have a recap of the year!  You can read our full annual report below. Or Email us if you want a printed copy.

There’s lots of information about what we did, and why, and how it went. Lots of quotes from young participants and older artists. A very long list of alumni and what they are up to. All the usual annual report factsand figures. And some great photos by Lorna Sim.

Here’s a quote from QL2 alum James Batchelor:

“QL2 provides an environment where creativity and collaborative practices are nurtured and developed. It empowers young people to make decisions, develop their artistic voices and identify personal strengths. Through QL2 I was able to better understand who I was as a young person and the possibilities that were open to me in the future. Now as a professional choreographer, I am certain that the skills that I developed early in Quantum Leap have been essential to succeeding in the industry. Moreover these are skills that are relevant to almost any profession or occupation. I think this is a major reason why so many Quantum Leap alumni become leaders and innovators, contributing widely to our Australian culture and beyond.”


You can download older Annual Reports here.


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Gary is General Manager at QL2 Dance, previously General Manager at the Australian Choreographic Centre which developed the approach to youth dance programs which forms the core of QL2's work. He is a recovering computer programmer and live sound engineer. He discovered social dance through contemporary dance.