Audition! “Connected” with Quantum Leap 2016

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Quantum Leap at the Canberra Playhouse in 2015

[ED: The audition on 21 February was great!  If you missed out and are keen to participate, contact Artistic Director Ruth Osborne on]

Connected is QL2 Dance’s major project for the year for the Quantum Leap ensemble (ages 15+). Creative young people from in and around Canberra will form the ensemble, and collaborate with renowned choreographer Kristina Chan and the ‘Lingua Franca’ physical theatre makers Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien, under the artistic direction of QL2 Artistic Director Ruth Osborne. International visitors will also join the ensemble for the final weeks of the project.

Connected will be performed as a triple bill at the Canberra Playhouse in July.  It will explore concepts of human connection, perception, and sensory interactions with the world. Connected is an opportunity for you to engage in an exciting contemporary ensemble, through creative collaboration and work with other young aspiring dancers.

audition-button-100pxWHO CAN AUDITION?
Ages 15-26, with a creative mind and dance or gymnastics experience.

AUDITION: 21 February 1–5pm at QL2 Studio, Gorman Arts Centre.
Pre-registration is essential — fill in the form on this page! And arrive 15 minutes early.

REHEARSALS: Sundays from March to June, one week in April and most of July — in school holidays for most students.

PRODUCTION: Canberra Playhouse, 24–30 July. (you will need to take time off school this week).

Classes are essential!

Everyone in our projects must regularly attend dance classes — either at QL2 Dance, or if you are already doing solid technique classes elsewhere, you can ask (in writing) for an exemption from the Artistic Director. Have a look at our classes program here.

Cost, payment plans, bursaries

This project is heavily subsidised — the total cost to you is $450, including the project t-shirt. You then need to add the cost of classes. We are non-profit, and keep costs low.

We offer confidential bursaries to reduce or remove costs if this prevents you being in a project. To make an appointment to discuss a bursary, please phone Ruth Osborne on 0418 943 857.

Audition format

The audition will be in the form of a dance workshop, including a warmup, learning some short sequences, and creative group work. You don’t need to prepare anything. We are keen to see young people with physical or perofrmance skills from other forms — eg gymnastics, or theatre, 

The aim is for you to have a good time, meet other dancers, and perhaps get into Quantum Leap — in that order! 

“Remember that we are looking for a variety of skills, so don’t be put off by others seeming to be more experienced in one form or another — just enjoy yourself and do your best in each section. I look forward to seeing you there!” RUTH OSBORNE

The panel will make decisions about who will join Quantum Leap shortly after the workshop.  We will email results of the audition. No results will be given by phone.


(Questions marked with a * must have an answer.)

MAKE A MOVE (Primary)

Professional Learning for Primary Teachers


Seminar: Primary - Saturday 24thAugust, 10am-3pm (lunch included). TQI Accredited, 5 hours.

In School Workshop: Primary, 60-90 min workshop, week of 14thOct. Please select preferred date/times below.

Shows: Primary – ‘Power’ Chaos Project. Thursday 17th 1pm, Canberra Rep Society Theatre 3, ANU. (Student cost is $5)

School workshop available date/time (60-90mins):

Monday 14thOct: Morning Session, Middle Session, Afternoon Session

Tuesday 15thOct: Morning Session, Middle Session, Afternoon Session

Wednesday 16thOct: Morning Session, Middle Session, Afternoon Session

Thursday 17thOct: Morning Session

Friday 18thOct: Morning Session, Middle Session, Afternoon Session

As part of Make A Move you commit to attending, Chaos Project performance ‘Power’ at Canberra Rep Society Theatre 3, Thursday 17thOctober, 1pm and bringing a student group. Cost per student is $5.

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