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TERM 4 2015 details:

Monday 12 October – Friday 4 December
* Senior and Pre-Tertiary Senior programs

Monday 19 October – Friday 4 December
* Stand-alone, Junior & Intermediate programs
these start a week later, as many dancers are in our All the Things project

All the details here.

How our Class Programs work

For 2015, we have programs of regular classes for junior (8+) through to pre-professional dancers. They prepare you for other programs at QL2, and for tertiary level courses. Prices, paid per term, are $14 per class, with big discounts as you do more classes.

We have an Enrolment Day at the beginning of the year, but you can start at any time. Give us a call on 02 62473103 or email to make an appointment.

The programs

For 2015, we have a new class structure with more classes, based on five programs. The programs are not based solely on age, but on experience and ability.

  • Stand-alone junior classes (ages 8–16.)
  • Junior program: 2 classes/week (ages 8–16.)
  • Intermediate program: 3 classes/week (ages 11-16).
  • Senior program: 4 classes/week (ages 14–20).
  • Pre-Tertiary Senior program: 6 classes/week (ages 15–20).

Each program has a set minimum of classes except the stand-alone ones. The programs give a clear guide to progression, and bring participants up to a greater level of fitness, flexibility, control and creativity — preparation for our main projects!

If you cannot attend certain classes in a program, you can choose to take a program at a lower level with fewer classes.  Or if you are doing suitable classes at another studio, you can apply to Artistic Director Ruth Osborne for a specific exemption for a class. You cannot take just part of the weekly program unless you have this specific exemption; and no classses are available casually.

Click here to see full descriptions of programs, the timetable of classes within them, and prices.


Our Teachers

We aim is to have classes taught by practicing dance artists and trained educators, with visiting guest teachers when visiting companies and independents are in town. Our regular teachers include:

Ruth Osborne, Artistic Director of QL2 Dance, with over 40 years experience performing, teaching, choreographing, directing, and mentoring.  She won the 2011 Australian Dance Award for Services to Dance, and was Artistic Director of the Awards for 2012 and 2013.

Alison Plevey is a teacher, dance and physical theatre artist, creator and improviser. She is concerned with the interface of space, time and movement in non-theatre performance spaces. More at alisonplevey.com.

Liz Lea is Artistic Director of Liz Lea Dance and Canberra Dance Theatre. Trained in London and India, she has taught throughout Europe, the US, India and Africa and brings an attention to detail, performance and power to her classes.

Jamie Winbank is a dance and improvisation artist, choreographer and arts administrator. A WAAPA graduate, he is also a national trainer and presenter with the worlds largest international group fitness provider.

Laura Pearce trained in the UK, where she ran her own dance school for 20 years. She holds a BA(Hons) in Dance Education, and also teaches dance at National Capital Ballet School and Merici College.

Jake Kuzma  is an energetic contemporary dancer, and often brings a breakdance fusion to his class. He is a QUT graduate and has worked with Antony Hamilton, Adam Wheeler, Claire Marshall and QL2.

Kylie Hunter was Artistic Director National Capital Ballet School 1997-2010 after training with Janet Karin and at the Australian Ballet School, and continues as a classical teacher.

Michelle Norris originally trained as a dancer, and now teaches Vinyasa Krama yoga, a traditional flowing yoga practice focusing on alignment and flexibility. She has trained under Sunny Richards in Vinyasa Krama, Peter Clifford in Hatha and Five Elements yoga, and Layananda Saraswati in Meditation and Kundalini Yoga.

Jess Wasikowska is a Quantum Leap alumni, and completed a Bachelor of Arts- Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. Jess has created a number of short dance films which have been screened nationally, likes to explore movement possibilities through improvisation, and has a passion for teaching and education.

New to QL2 Classes: do a Tryout Class

If you’ve never been here before, you can do one TRYOUT CLASS at an appropriate level, for $14. Our staff will assess you in that class, and then make a recommendation for your classes program.

Casual classes?

There is no casual weekly class entry, except for the Friday Yoga class for intermediate and advanced dancers.

Mid-term, part-term?

You can start with us part-way through the term. If you are not able to attend the whole term, discuss with Artistic Director Ruth Osborne and we can probably give you a part-term booking. Even if starting mid-term, you must do all the weekly classes in the program you select.

Difficulty paying?

If you have difficulty paying for your class program in advance, please contact us well before class to arrange a payment plan. If you are financially disadvantaged, we have a Bursary program that may help reduce the fees. You need to apply in advance, setting out your situation. Bursaries are assessed confidentially by our Chair, Justice Richard Refshauge, and Artistic Director Ruth Osborne.

Why classes — are we a dance school?

No, not really.  Our classes are for ages 8 through to pre-professional, and are focussed on getting you ready, and keeping you trained, to be in our projects (like our 2015 Quantum Leap seniors project, Reckless Valour; or our 2015 Junior performance project in September-October); and also for people preparing for a career in dance and planning to audition for one of the university dance courses, like WAAPA, VCA, NAISDA, QUT etc.

2013 QL2 Hit the Floor_Full Rehearsal@Playhouse 001 _48 SMOur projects — and our classes — are not just about learning moves and training your body.  There is plenty of that, but we also want you to develop as an artist: we want the most vibrant young people to emerging as choreographic leaders. We believe the artist in each of you should be valued and developed at an early age.

So, join a program of classes, and sign up for a project!  We’d love to see you.

Enrolment: Give us a call on 02 62473103 or email to make an appointment.

Click here to see full descriptions of programs, the timetable of classes within them, and prices.



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