“Site Effects” at Art not Apart

Natsuko. Photo: Lorna Sim

Natsuko. Photo: Lorna Sim

EDITOR: Natsuko was part of Site Effects performed at Art Not Apart in Canberra, 14 March 2015. Directed by Alison Plevey and Ruth Osborne, with Quantum Leap dancers Nasim Patel, Walter Wolffs, Millie Vanzwol, Ursula Taylor, Natsuko Yonezawa, Audrey Sharwood, Jack Clements, Caspar Ilschner, Jason Pearce, Ruby Ballantyne, Gabriel Sinclair, Caroline De Wan, Amy Campbell and Eve Buckmaster.

“Being part of the art festival Art Not Apart was a new, fun and challenging experience. All the dancers and the artistic choreographer Alison Plevey spent time preparing for this event and worked very hard to give our best performance. Alison gave us a sheet of paper with all the locations and scores (examples of movement, responding to the environment, shapes) to put into our improvisation.

(Photos by Lorna Sim)

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I was afraid at first to do an improvisation work which lasted an hour and a half in a location I was not so familiar with. Since I have done ballet and ballet does not require as much improvisation, I found this performance challenging. Even so, it gave me an opportunity to bond with the other dancers and experience what it feels like to improvise in a different environment while people are watching. Since we were improvising for a long time, it was difficult to keep the movements different and interesting but at the same time, it allowed us to create and explore new shapes we could make with parts of our body we do not usually use.

We had two groups which were performing at different times so I was able to watch the other group. I was amazed at how different their performance was to my group’s and how creative their movements and shapes were. I learned so much by being part of this event and thank you to QL2 for giving their dancers great opportunities like this.

(Photos by Natusuko Yonezawa)

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Editor: Read more here about Alison Plevey’s work for Art Not Apart and You Are here.

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About Natsuko Yonezawa

I started dancing with QL2 at the start of 2014. I did ballet when I was living in Darwin since I was about 7 years old. Joining QL2 was a completely new experience for me because I had not done much contemporary dance before and I did not know much about it. I joined the Intermediate classes to build up my knowledge of what contemporary dance style was. QL2 has given me an opportunity to understand more about contemporary dance by accepting me into the Chaos project ‘For the Win’ in 2014 and they have also given me a chance to meet new people with many different individual stories. I joined the Senior classes at the start of 2015 anddid my first Quantum Leap project, ‘Reckless Valour’.