Warrior: film, dance, collaboration

Amidst the chaos of the recently completed QL2 junior project For The Win, and kicking off a regional youth project in Cowra and Bathurst — Clique — I have also been working to finish off a collaboration with local Director Simone Thompson. The project is a short film titled Warrior which follows the story of Laura, a girl in her twenties juggling new love, self doubt and pressures to perform.

Guided by Simone, I worked with lead actor Lucy Lovegrove who although she has little dance experience was incredibly expressive and creative in the process of making a three minute solo dance which features in rehearsal and performance scenes in the film. I drew a lot from images and behaviours of her character, Laura, to drive improvisations with Lucy so that the movement we made was natural, achievable and had a strong emotional connection. I am incredibly proud of the movement skill Lucy has developed in this short process and her performance in the film is beautiful.

Following the post production stage, the plan for the film is to screen in Sydney and Canberra and potentially enter short film festivals nationally and internationally.

Simone, her production crew and myself which to thank QL2 Dance for this very generous two day Curated Residency to allow creative development of choreography and filming in the studio, theatre and foyer spaces allowing an authenticity to the performance scenes.

Oh the joys of being an independent dancer/maker! Amazing ideas and people reveal themselves through creative collaboration.

Find out more: http://simonethompson.com/



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About Alison Plevey

Alison is an award-winning choreographer and dance and physical artist based in Canberra. Her practice spans youth dance and theatre, education, cross-disciplinary collaborations, festival commissions, solo research and arts industry development in regional NSW and the ACT. Alison holds a first class honours degree from WAAPA. She is a member of The Childer’s Group, an independent arts advocacy group in Canberra. Recent works include ‘Mine!’ (ACT National Science Week 2017), ‘Nervous’ at Mount Stromlo Observatory, and ‘Strings Attached’ at New Acton, ‘Dancing with Drones’ (Performance Space LiveWorks 2015), ‘Shake It’ (Art, Not Apart Festival 2017), ‘Autonomous’ (You Are Here Festival 2017), ‘Sprout’ (Art, Not Apart Festival 2016), ‘Heatwave’ (Dance on the Edge 2016), ‘Johnny Castellano is Mine’ (The Street Theatre 2014), ‘WORK IT’ (Art, Not Apart and You Are Here Festivals 2015). Alison is Co-Director of dance and physical theatre company Lingua Franca with Adam Deusien. Based in Bathurst they create visceral original performance engaging professional, emerging and community artists. Their recent work ‘unsustainable behaviour’ was presented at the Regional Arts Australian Conference, ArtLands Dubbo 2016). Alison is Leader of new Canberra company Australian Dance Party, driven by her ongoing study of dance as a universal communicative medium and a powerful practice for humanity to experience, debate and celebrate. The Party is an evolution of her work as a solo artist and inspired collaborations with diverse artists in Canberra. She aims to build the sustainability of professional dance in our political capital and legitimise the role of the arts in our contemporary context.