What a World Tour means to Luke, and how you can double your donation!

I never planned to take a gap year, it just happened, and I am very grateful it did. After receiving ATAR scores and despite university offers late last year, it was a combination of injury, lack of experience and the invitation to attend this world tour to the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow that made the decision for me.

So far, this has been no ordinary gap year — if there is such thing as a typical gap year. One by one each hurdle of mine has been slowly being overcome. A hernia I developed that prevented me from doing auditions was mended before the New Year. I also recently turned 18 and have begun to experience small responsibilities of adult life and independence, like working, earning money and driving a car.

Luke_2014 QL2 Boundless Team 000_5

Luke Fryer [Photo:Lorna Sim]

However, none of these compare to the positive influence this tour has brought to my gap year and my future pursuits to study dance on a tertiary level next year. Right from the get go in January, development and rehearsal of Cinders has broadened my movement vocabulary and kept me in shape physically and mentally alongside participation in the Quantum Leap at the Playhouse project Boundless. It has also provided me with an amazing social base with the seven other chosen Quantum Leapers and QL2 staff whom have all become like my second family. Furthermore, I have gained professional level experience by working collaboratively with tertiary graduate and former Quantum Leaper James Batchelor on Cinders and being able to witness his career path and success in the industry. Last of all, I have the chance to travel during my gap year and experience dance on a global scale whilst meeting young dancers like myself, as well as professionals whom I can aspire to.wide Luke dives 2014 QL2 Boundless Team 000_25

Now you have heard my story, a simple pledge to help me on this world tour to the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival is more than a financial relief, but also a way of opening doors to new dance experiences in the future. A big thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia, a simple pledge will be doubled as part of their MATCH: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector Initiative. This means a $10 pledge would be equal to $20, and $20 equal to $40! Because of the ‘all or nothing’ nature of this campaign, I must reach a total of $500 worth of pledges for this campaign to be a success. Click on the Pozible link to read a bit about our tour plans, the development of Cinders, and to donate!


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About Luke Fryer

LUKE FRYER is an aspiring artist and senior Quantum Leap ensemble member with QL2 Dance in Canberra. Luke has been involved with QL2 since 2011, and has since performed, trained and worked though many of their performance and choreographic projects. Before his interest in dance, he competed as a national level gymnast for 5 years until the beginning of high school. Luke is currently 18 years old and just graduated from Narrabundah College last year. He is in the middle of a gap year between secondary and tertiary education where he hopes to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. This year a way for him to train and audition for tertiary institutions, while also obtaining crucial experience and skills needed in the arts industry and general everyday life. Psychology and Media are just some of his other interests. In particular he enjoys combining he mediums of dance and movement with new media and film.