“we are here” — Soft Landing graduates risk everything

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At the end of a harrowing and creative 3 week process, the “SOFT LANDING” group presents a free informal performance & discussion, directed by Amelia McQueen and Natalie Abbott in collaboration with the dancers. If you’re interested in the development of dance, dancers, and performance – this is for you. Bring your questions!

7pm-8pm. Friday 21 March and Saturday 22 March (performance + discussion)
QL2 Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre, 55 Ainslie Avenue Braddon ACT. FREE.For “SOFT LANDING”, ten dancers have come from around Australia for a 3-week intensive professional development at QL2 Dance Inc (Canberra, Australia). It is a unique opportunity to maintain and extend dance training, share knowledge and skills with interstate graduates, forge creative partnerships and launch a creative practice for the future.

2014 participants are Asher Bowen-Saunders, Paul Jackson, Bridget Barnicoat, Emma Harrison, Penelope Dolling, Megan Exton, Tess Feldman, Annabel Mae Saies, Emily Bowman and Tessa Broadby, and have completed their tertiary training at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, Adelaide Centre of the Arts, Victorian College of the Arts, Queensland University of Technology  and Deakin University.

Amelia says “These young professional artists are here to question their creative interests, try out new things and make some choices about what to do next in their freelance artistic careers. ‘Risk’ and ‘challenge’ are two words you may have heard countless times before in program notes- while I write this now I am watching them dance, and I can assure you these individuals are truly diving into new concepts and letting go of fears and habits so that they can reach unknown places in themselves, and share them with future audiences.

They have experienced a diverse range of technique and creative development workshops including contemporary, yoga, improvisation, ballet, choreography and live performance. We have used discussion as a constant educational tool, speaking our minds without waiting to be sure we are ‘right’. They have come to Canberra at a great time in the cites cultural calendar and have been able to enjoy the Enlighten Festival, Art Not Apart and You Are Here festivals, as well as performing their own choreography and improvisations at Belconnen Arts Centre in a first time collaboration between Soft Landing and BAC.

The public showings of the Soft Landing process are designed to reveal the risk and experimentation these dancers have been engaging with. Natalie and I encourage the dancers to accept failure as a part of artistic development, as without willingness to fail, there can be no real risk taking and hence no new discoveries. We ask audience members to bring an open mind, as although we want our audiences to enjoy this showing we are not focussing our choice of performance material wholly around its entertainment value, but also on its relevance to the growth of each of the performers.”

7pm-8pm. Friday 21 March and Saturday 22 March (performance + discussion)
QL2 Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre. FREE.

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