Bicky: hard work at Soft Landing

Bicky Lee was part of SOFT LANDING 2013. Here is part of her response, just days later.

Bicky (for ad) IMG_5725Having only completed Soft Landing a few days ago, I feel that many of the benefits have not yet unfolded or I have not yet become aware of them. However, I have noticed that Soft Landing has offered me an opportunity to think differently, an opportunity to find a better relationship with myself as well as those around me, and an acceptance and pride in what I do as an independent dance artist.

I believe that a big part of dancing and dance making is working with people and nurturing those connections. Before Soft Landing I undervalued the connection I had with myself. Through discussions, improvisations, self reflections, and listening to others reflect on their experiences, Soft Landing has shown me the value in self love and pride in who I am and what I do (as a person and as an artist). Forgiving myself for mistakes, as well as understanding that not knowing how to do something is part of learning are two big things that came up for me. I learnt a lot about sharing my experiences and feelings with the group and how what I am going through is actually important and worth sharing.  I am excited to practice these things (sharing, honesty, trusting, forgiveness, and compassion) in more of my relationships, especially those involved in artistic collaborations!

My relationship with QL2 Dance began in 2010 when a good friend (and ex-Quantum Leaper) invited me to visit his house in Canberra and dance in his piece for On Course. Since then, I have become friends with, danced with, danced for, lived with, dated, and fallen in love with a series of ex-Quantum Leapers and people in the QL2 Dance community. I found out about Soft Landing when I returned for On Course a second time and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of – even though I had no idea what it involved at the time! I knew I wanted to be part of it because the QL2 environment is nurturing, it is a creatively inspiring place, and I feel supported by the QL2 Dance community. When I heard the variety of stories from a range of people who had attended Soft Landing (some ex-Quantum Leapers, some not, some from Canberra, some not) I formed the understanding that Soft Landing was the opportunity for a transformative experience: something to take with me into the rest of my dance career.

I believe that anyone who dares to be extraordinary or anyone who wants to be happy should do Soft Landing. An open mind is all I needed to benefit from the Soft Landing experience. 

Given that the frequency of my visits to Canberra has tripled in the last 3 years — each time coming here to dance for one reason or another — I have come to realize that I am an artist based in Melbourne but between Melbourne and Canberra. This excites me. Canberra has so much to offer and so much to gain from artists like me and I am very keen to continue this relationship with Australia’s capital in a few months when I return. I am also greatly honored to be continuing my relationship with QL2 Dance in the form of choreographing for the 2013 junior project “Leader of the pack”. This will be one of the fantastic opportunities in the near future in which I will be able to further my understanding of practices, concepts, and the self love that I have been introduced to during my time on Soft Landing.

Thank you QL2 Dance for the Soft Landing experience, for your contribution to the arts community in Canberra as well as the arts communities all over Australia, and for your continued support in my artistic practice.



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About Bicky Lee

Bicky Lee is from New Zealand and graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012. Bicky received the Friends of the VCA Encouragement Scholarship and has worked with Shona McCullagh (New Zealand Dance Company), Shaun Parker, Ben Hancock, and more. Bicky performed her award winning solo in Hobart at the 2013 Dark Mofo Festival.