Dean Cross talks about “dstrctns”


my name is dean cross. quantum leaper. although i am not performing with the company, i am still involved as a choreographer, choreographing for next year’s centenary project.

currently though i am in the studio here in canberra working a research and development phase for my new work dstrctns. i am working with an incredible team of rhiannon spratling, robbie curtis, jessie hoeschel and another ex-leaper james batchelor.

we have been busy having a lot of conversations, converting those into dance and then questioning what they are worth. it is an absolute luxury having the time and space to indulge creativity in this way.

so far so good and i now know less about what i am doing then when i started. but something is telling me that isn’t such a bad thing. i don’t know when ill be back in the studio, but i do know that after leaving this week it wont be soon enough.

so ill take this opportunity to publicly thank QL2 for this Grant of Space, and the continuing list of opportunities and possibilities they have presented me.

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About Dean Cross

DEAN CROSS lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He works across the sculptural and pictorial fields; activating, de-constructing and re-contextualising thought, social constructs and space. Dean was born and raised on Ngambri country, however his ancestral roots lie within the Worimi Nation.