The final adjustments… notes from the Costume Mistress!

Final adjustments for the costumes for Me Right Now are underway – this is where the real problem-solving lies. It’s all about getting the fit right on each of the dancers, and making sure that all their pieces are labeled and ready for production week.

Sometimes the adjustments can take longer than planned, which means that I am up til late sorting out the fit of a pair of jeans, or the elastic on a tunic. Just when you think everything is finished, another adjustment crops up… This can be frustrating, but keeping my mind on the fact that this is all part of the big picture is what makes it all worth it; where the costumes, lighting, choreography, music, and dancers all come together.

This is a very big collaborative project, and sometimes you can loose sight of that when you’re sitting at a sewing machine alone late at night! 🙂 What makes it all easier is knowing what I’m doing is a piece of the whole finished product!

My job for production week will be the Costume Mistress and Wardrobe Coordinator, making sure that everything is washed, ironed and ready for each dancer in every performance.

I can’t wait to see them all in dress rehearsals in the next couple of days, and to be able to see in real life what I’ve been drawing and imagining.

Below, my wonderful mum and sewing assistant, Maz!

If you haven’t already got tickets to see “Me Right Now” (and all the costumes…!) here’s where to book: GET EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT!



3 thoughts on “The final adjustments… notes from the Costume Mistress!

  1. Great to work with you today Rose, can’t wait to see your great costume work on stage. I wish you all the best for a great creative future.

  2. Fantastic, Rose! And congratulations on the people’s award! We’ll be at Thursday evening’s performance. Good luck!
    All the best,
    David (and Vilaisan)

  3. We are so excited about coming to see the show and COSTUMES on Friday night. Great blog, you are so inspiring xxx Well done!

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